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Woman shares PSA to homeowners who have a fire hydrant outside their house

‘I have one right across the street.’


Phil West


A woman claiming to be a resource for new homeowners says there’s an advantage to having a fire hydrant on your property.

The video comes from TikToker Mrs. Morgan McVey (@newhomeconcierge), who calls her account “your source for working mommas & new home sales.”

In this video, which she introduces as part of a “Home Tip Tuesday” series, she asks, “Did you know if you have a fire hydrant on your property that you should be eligible for a lower monthly insurance on your homeowners’ insurance?”

She then ends the video with a finger gun gesture and a clicking noise.

“Should,” however, might be the key word in the advice she dispenses.

One insurance website, Marine Agency Insurance, notes regarding your home’s proximity to a fire hydrant, “Being near one, obviously, makes it easier for firefighters to respond to a potential house fire. Since fires account for a large number of (and expensive) homeowners insurance claims, many insurers will provide discounts for factors that reduce the risk of fire — such as being close to a fire hydrant or fire department. So, does a fire hydrant lower insurance? Potentially, yes.”

And a Forbes article from 2009 claims, “The installation of a fire hydrant within 100 feet of the home, or opening of a fire substation within close proximity to the property may lower the homeowner’s annual premiums.”

Based on this, it appears that the discount is at the discretion of an individual home insurance provider and that the fire hydrant doesn’t need to be on your actual property per se—just close enough for firefighters to be able to use it should your home catch on fire.

Commenters had thoughts.

A commenter claiming to work in the insurance industry said, “Look up your PPC. It’s distance to fire hydrant + fire station and if [your] fire dept is full time or volunteer.”

Another shared, “Nope. We have one in our yard,” adding, “no discount; I asked when we moved in.”

But others were encouraged by the tip all the same. One remarked, “I’m definitely going to do this when I have a house.”

Someone else chirped, “Omg! I have one in my yard. Definitely calling my insurance to see.”

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