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‘Genius and the proportions are much healthier’: Dad feeds family of 6 at Panda Express for $24.46. Here’s how

‘With the price of EVERYTHING these days this is a great idea!!’


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Popular TikTok couple Callie and Josh Mileham (@glazedepoxy) have gone viral, time and time again, for their series on how they feed their family of six for cheap at different popular establishments, like Olive Garden and Texas Roadhouse. In one of their latest videos, they feed their whole family for only $24.46 at Panda Express. Here’s how they did it.

“Feeding our family of six out at Panda for $24.46,” Josh says in the video as he stands outside Panda Express.

The video then cuts to Josh ordering inside. “I’m gonna do two bigger plates, triple orange chicken on both, chow mein on one, half chow mein, half fried rice on the other,” he orders.

Next, the video cuts to the couple inside their home, unboxing their meal.

“We have our meals here. So, we have the two extra side boxes since it’s a triple entree. All the orange chicken ’cause that’s what we like. We got mainly noodles and I’m not trying to eat gluten so, I got the rice for me,” Callie says.

Unfortunately, most of Panda Express’ food isn’t gluten-free. However, both white and brown rice are naturally gluten-free, which is what Callie opted for. Nevertheless, if they come in contact with gluten items, they become cross-contaminated.

“Let’s plate this up for the kids,” Callie continues in the video.

From there, she puts a bit of orange chicken and chow mein on each plate. She shows all the plates full of food. “So, that’s how we feed a family of six at Panda Express,” the couple concludes.

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Their video received 59,000 views, and viewers lauded the hack fir its cost and portion sizes.

“It is all genius and the [proportions] are much healthier,” one viewer wrote.

“With the price of EvERYTHING these days this is a great idea!! people can [criticize] but, they’re not paying the bill are they!!” a second praised.

What is Panda Express’ family meal?

Others suggested the Panda Express family meal, which is only $30. “There is a family feast for like 35 dlls,” one said.

“The family meal for $35 is so much food also,” another wrote.

For around $30, the family meal came with three large entrees and two large sides. However, this deal expired on May 12. And like Josh pointed out in a comment, his family “only spent 24$ so this is [actually] a better deal.”

The family wants to normalize sharing plates at restaurants

Callie previously told the Daily Dot that the family Callie family eats out a lot. “After spending tons on food to have it wasted we have learned to either share meals or get certain sauces, dressings or sides that we haven’t been able to recreate, and cook the rest at home,” she said.

“The price of groceries is so high now that eating at fast food places is almost cheaper than cooking!” she continued.

She said she wants viewers of their videos to come away knowing that “it’s ok to share plates at restaurants, especially when the portions are so large!” “It’s a great way for larger families to eat out without spending a ton!” she added.

Update 1:50pm CT, June 6: Callie told the Daily Dot that her family have done the Panda Express hack “literally done this hundred of times over the last 7-8 years.”

“We will do it many times again!” she exclaimed.

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