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‘She was supposed to open’: Dunkin’ worker films co-worker arriving 4 hours late, sparking debate

'I hate working with people like that. Made my job harder since I had to pick up their slack.'


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Mar 13, 2023

A Dunkin’ employee sparked a debate on punctuality after recording her co-workers showing up minutes—or even hours—late to their respective shifts. 

In a TikTok, Genesis (@genesisa71) showed viewers what times her colleagues were supposed to be at work versus when they actually arrived. As of Monday morning, her video has over 393,000 views. 

@genesisa71 It must be nice to sleep in 😂😂 #dunkin #morningshift #dunkindonuts #employeeofthemonth ♬ original sound – Genesis A

“Opening today let’s see what time everyone arrives,” she wrote on the screen via text overlay. 

The first colleague to get to Dunkin’—Alberto—was 20 minutes late, Genesis said. She wrote via text overlay that he was scheduled to start at 6am, but he showed up at 6:20am.

Genesis went on to film at least seven more of her co-workers walking in. Some of them, she said, arrived on time, while others showed up minutes—if not hours—behind schedule. The co-worker that came in the latest is named Mariana, and she was reportedly “supposed to open,” Genesis said. Her shift began at 4:30am, yet she arrived four hours late—at 8:30am. 

“It must be nice to sleep in,” Genesis wrote in the video’s caption, followed by a string of laughing emoji. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Genesis via TikTok comment. As of publication, it was unclear what Dunkin’ location she worked at or whether any of her co-workers were punished for their tardiness. Still, her video sparked a light debate on lateness and whether it’s appropriate for workers to arrive that far behind schedule. 

“Idk how people aren’t embarrassed for being late,” wrote one user.

“How do they keep their job?” questioned a second commenter. 

“I hate working with people like that,” said a third viewer. “Made my job harder since I had to pick up their slack.”

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*First Published: Mar 13, 2023, 8:43 am CDT