DoorDash driver delivering pizza at doorstep seen through security camera (l) DoorDash driver taking pizza at doorstep seen through security camera with DoorDash logo at bottom (c) DoorDash driver delivering pizza at doorstep seen through security camera (r)

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‘She really stole my food’: DoorDasher delivers Little Caesar’s. She comes back and picks it up

‘I’m calling the cops and posting her.’


Jack Alban


Posted on May 25, 2023

A DoorDash customer posted home surveillance footage of what appears to be a DoorDash delivery driver pretending that they delivered the customer’s Little Caesars order successfully, only to then nab the box of pizza and walk away with it.

TikToker Kawayne (@kawaynej) says in a viral video documenting the situation that their food was ultimately returned, but only after he called out the driver and threatened to call the police.

@kawaynej Y’all she really stole my food 😂😂😂 how does she not see both cameras!!!! #doordash #doordashstolemyfood #fyp #viral #shaderoom ♬ original sound – KawayneJ

A text overlay in the TikTok reads: “Y’all I ordered pizza on DoorDash and this dasher delivered my food and came back and picked it up!!! Then decide to bring it back after I told her I’m calling the cops and post her on the internet!!!”

The clip shows what appears to be footage from a home security camera. A DoorDasher leaves a Little Caesar’s pizza box at the door of someone’s residence. They step back and hold a device up in front of them, presumably to take a photograph of the order, which is standard protocol for many delivery drivers to prove that the order has been completed.

The driver then walks towards the door, picks up the order and walks away. The video then transitions to a screenshot of a text conversation between Kawayne and the driver.

Kawayne writes a message to the driver that reads, “I know that you took my food. I have you on two cameras, I’m reporting you, calling the cops and post you all over the internet.” He then sends a second message to the driver, saying: “I’m still calling the cops.”

The third part of the video shows the delivery driver return the Little Caesars pizza she tried to steal. In the video’s final fame, Kawayne provides a still image of the driver with a text overlay that reads: “Who’s mama is this?!”

A number of commenters remarked that they couldn’t believe the driver would think to try and steal someone’s food, especially with the number of individuals who have doorbell cameras and security systems set up in their homes.

One TikToker who penned, “Everyone has cameras it’s 2023, like why she thought that was a smart move.”

Another asked, “Why do people play with hungry customers?”

Someone else said that they monitor their food deliveries a little too closely for a delivery driver to try to steal their food. “Do y’all not track yalls food? Bc I’m tracking from the moment I hit payment. I’m gonna be right at the nearest window, waiting.”

Another thought that the driver looked upset that they were called out for the theft.

“LMFAOOOOOOOO she got mad bc she had to bring it back lol.”

Many TikTok users also thought it was strange that of all the food items the Doordasher could steal, she chose to steal a Little Caesar’s pizza, given that many locations sell a standard cheese pizza for around $6.

“I don’t get it, lil Caesars, that is like the worst cheapest pizza ever Just buy one,” said one user.

One concerned commenter said that the video inspired them to get a doorbell video camera of their own in order to prevent the same thing from happening to them.

“Now I really need a door cam cause of them videos I be seeing lately.”

While another thought that this instance, and presumably others like it, were a good reason for restaurants like Little Caesar’s to hire their own delivery drivers.

“Companies need to start hiring delivery drivers again from their own establishment lmfao.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to DoorDash and Kawayne via email for further comment.

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*First Published: May 25, 2023, 4:42 pm CDT