Woman says delivery driver stole $133 worth of groceries from her doorstep after she didn't answer his knock on the door


‘He’s not even supposed to knock ’cause it’s contactless’: Woman says delivery driver stole $133 worth of Kroger groceries from her doorstep after she didn’t answer his knock at the door 

'Had someone do this. Put the groceries down, took a photo, picked it back up.'


Maya Wray


Posted on Apr 30, 2023

A Kroger grocery delivery customer went viral on TikTok after tearfully recounting how her order was allegedly stolen by her driver. 

User Tiffany Nicole Nunez (@lifebytiffanynicole) says she was tackling a pile of laundry while a grocery delivery driver brought her order to her front doorstep in what was meant to be a contactless delivery. The driver knocked twice, she says, but she was too busy to answer the door. 

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“I’m trying to do all this laundry on the counter before I bring the groceries in, and he takes the groceries,” Nunez reveals through tears in the video, which has been viewed 2.4 million times as of Sunday.

She says she called the Kroger where she had placed her order from and was told that it couldn’t be canceled because it had been shown as delivered by the driver.

“I’m like, the man stole it!” an exasperated Nunez says, ending her video.

Many users left scathing comments under the video, calling Nunez dramatic for crying about the situation. 

“Oh my goodness, so traumatic,” one wrote. “Why didn’t you open the door when he knocked first?” 

“It’s giving Kardashian vibes,” user Miranda (@mirandablueyez) said. 

“What a baby,” user Ethan (@ethanhkennedy) wrote. 

Other users claimed that it didn’t matter whether or not Nunez answered the door when the driver knocked. “I feel like people are focusing on the wrong thing here,” one shared. “He came back and stole the groceries. He clearly does this a lot.”

“Contactless etiquette isn’t the issue here people,” another said. “Her groceries were STOLEN.” 

Delivery drivers revealed that, for their companies, contactless delivery simply means no face-to-face interaction. “For my job, it just means we won’t stay to make sure you bring it in,” one wrote.

“I work for DoorDash. Even contactless deliveries state that I NEED to make sure the order is received or I MUST return it to the store,” user Steph (@stephalopod) said.

In a follow-up video posted on Mar. 15, Nunez revealed that her order had been redelivered. 

“So… they didn’t steal it. Thought you weren’t home when you didn’t answer the knock and redelivered the next day. Great company,” one user speculated in a comment.

The Daily Dot reached out to Nunez via Instagram direct message.

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*First Published: Apr 30, 2023, 6:23 pm CDT