customer shows all the low-cost protein drinks and supplements for ‘gym rats’ he finds

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‘Dollar Tree boutta be GMC’: Customer shows all the low-cost protein drinks and supplements for ‘gym rats’ he finds

‘These Dollar Store deals are INSANE for gym rats.’


Angela Littlefield


A viral TikTok is trending online about the low-cost protein drinks and supplements available for “gym rats” at Dollar Tree. 

TikTok creator and fitness guru Baxter (@baxter_fit) showcases to his followers all the energy drinks and supplements the retailer offers at a low cost—from chocolate protein drinks to 7UP energy mixes to add to your water. 

The viral clip has grossed over 157,900 views and 18,100 likes as of Monday afternoon. 

“These Dollar Store deals are INSANE for gym rats, (This is almost Unbelievable),” writes Baxter in the clip’s text overlay. 

“They got warhead soda, they got Ice water caffeine energy drink, this sh*t is lowkey gas,” continues Baxter. 

Baxter also noted the store stocks Alani Coffee protein shakes, GFuel, Bang Energy, and MRE protein shakes, among many others, at low prices.

Many viewers in the comments seconded the great deals Baxter found at Dollar Tree. Compared to shopping at other grocery stores or gas stations, customers find they save money and luck out on “quality” products. 

“My local dollar tree has a crazy rotation of energy drinks. Can’t believe I would go to the gas station and pay 3+ for 1 energy drink,” said one viewer. 

“I love dollar tree food, my dollar tree has some pretty good stuff if you’re trying to lose weight,” shared another. 

Other users noticed that their Dollar Tree never has the same quality and quantity of items shelf compared to Baxter’s local Dollar Tree in Texas. 

“Why does my dollar store not have these [crying emoji],” expressed the viewer. 

While Dollar Tree has a variety of energy drinks and sports drinks consumers can choose from, many often question how healthy these products really are.

Even users on Reddit compared energy drinks stories purchased at Dollar Tree to those bought at other stores. Several voiced concerns about the shelf-life of the drinks sold at the Dollar Tree franchise, as they had nearing expiration dates. 


Dollar tree bouta be GNC 😭😭😭

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Others warned of false advertising on energy drinks, noting a recent lawsuit posed by Monster to Bang Energy over its advertising claims to contain “super creatine,” as the beverage. does not contain any of that organic compound.

“Since Monster got an injunction against Bang Energy earlier this year, Bang has been compelled to ‘remove all false advertising and cans nationwide,’” a Yahoo News article states. “But Bang Energy wasn’t the only loser in that lawsuit. As one Redditor has discovered, all those false advertising cans have generated a significant amount of waste, which could harm the environment.”

As the gym rat community is looking to boost their gains, health cautiousness is important to consider when consuming energy drinks. While Dollar Tree boasts some tantalizing deals, the best notion is to always read the nutrition label. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to Baxter via TikTok comment and Dollar Tree via email. 

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