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‘I thought Goodwill lost their minds’: Customer finds DIY White Claw candle at Goodwill for $1.99

‘That’s not safe.’


Eric Webb


As the not-ancient proverb goes, there are no laws when you’re drinking Claws. (White Claws, that is.) Such reckless abandon also applies to thrift shopping, apparently.

TikTok creator Jess (@jess_joy) found something surprising on a recent Goodwill run, according to a recent video, which has almost 10,000 likes and 212,000 views. 

The vide
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“NGL… I thought Goodwill lost their minds,” the on-screen text reads as the camera pans up to a shelf of secondhand candles and, surprisingly, a can of mango-flavored White Claw. The price tag: $1.99. 

Jess flips over the can to reveal that it’s not a hard seltzer at all (at least, not anymore). Rather, it’s a candle seemingly made from an upcycled can.

One commenter wrote, “That’s actually a good idea for those that want to display their favorite empty drink cans. now it’s not tacky trash but candles.” Jess replied, “It is! I bought an Orange Crush candle at a vendor fair before. This just caught me off guard.”

A viewer chimed in, “I got one in my room from the thrift too smells amazing.”

“I was kinda hoping it was real,” the on-screen text reads at the end of the video. “What’s the weirdest thing you ever found thrifting?”

One commenter wrote, “I found a jewelry box that had 2 baby teeth in it.” Another person commented, “found an empty Oui yogurt jar for $1.99.”

In 2021, the parent company of White Claw sued one candle-maker for selling candles much like the one in the video. Still, candles made from White Claw cans are all over the internet: M.A.D. Candle Co. has them for $18, and Gumdrop Lane sells them for almost $28. The one at Goodwill was a steal.

One person commented on Jess’ video, “nah i’d be so scared of the chemicals from the can burning up, i remember googling it when i was younger because i wanted to make them.” Another wrote, “that’s not safe.”

There’s not much info online about any potential hazards of using a beverage can to hold a candle, though a thread on Reddit’s r/candlemaking subreddit a couple of years ago expressed similar concerns about safety.

Still, there are all kinds of online tutorials to make your own beverage can candle, like this one from DIY Everywhere.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jess via TikTok, as well as White Claw and Goodwill via email.

In other recent Goodwill news, a customer recently found shoes she donated to the store priced at $25.

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