Kia gets towed. Tow truck driver finds something unusual on car’s bumper

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‘I mean that’s kinda smart’: Kia gets towed. Tow truck driver finds something unusual on car’s bumper

‘Someone is at your front bumper.’


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It’s a tale as old as time: A Kia is being towed. Then the tow truck driver finds something unusual on the car’s bumper… A Ring camera??

TikTok user J Carson (@hookemcarson) is a tow truck operator who recently posted a video, which has since amassed more than 986,000 views, of his recent job towing a Kia. But there was something unusual about the car. It’s got a ring camera attached to the bumper.

The video’s text overlay reads, “The stuff we see when towing cars in south Florida.” J Carson reaches down and hits the button on the camera. “Sup, buddy?” he says. “We got it. Come out to the yard and get it.”

In the caption, J Carson writes, “Man people these days #onthehook #towlife #gottem #wheelliftwarriors #towlifeornolife #towlife #hoovervacum.”

‘Why don’t they just get a dashcam?’

In the comments, users cracked plenty of jokes at the vehicle owner’s expense. Many users said they’ve never seen anyone use a Ring camera in that way.

One user wrote, “pressing it is soooo messy !”

A second user joked, “I need the RING POV ASAP.”

@hookemcarson Man people these days 🤣🤣🤣 #onthehook #towlife #gottem #wheelliftwarriors #towlifeornolife🤟🏾💯 #towlife #hoovervacum ♬ original sound – J CARSON

One person said, “I mean that’s kinda smart.” Someone else disagreed. “Why don’t they Just get a dashcam,” they asked.

Another user suggested, “If someone hits ur car while it’s parked now they can leave u a voice message and not a note love this.”

Somebody asked, ‘Doesn’t it need WiFi tho to work?” 

Do people really put Ring cameras on their cars?

Apparently, it’s not uncommon for people to use Ring cameras in their vehicles. And some even figured out how to get around the Wi-Fi issue. In a Reddit post to r/Ring 10 months ago, a user asked, “I currently have a battery powered stick up cam that I place in my car while I’m home and connected to house wifi. I’m wondering if I purchased a mobile wifi hotspot… could I connect the camera to it so I can monitor my car while away from home?”

Another user responded, “Yes it will work. I placed a ring doorbell battery operated in my van and it has worked flawlessly for about 6 months. I think it is better than the car cam that they are selling for that over priced car cam that probably is not nearly as reliable.”

Ring did release a dash cam model last year, but Wire found that it’s “more suited for delivery or rideshare drivers–and even then, it might not be worth the inconvenience.” What inconvenience, you might ask? The installation process, the charging mechanism, and the camera quality.

The Daily Dot reached out to J Carson via TikTok direct message and Ring via email for comment.

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