Mechanic claims Ford is recommending the wrong oil to its customers at the dealership

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‘It’s a pay-to-play system’: Mechanic claims Ford is recommending the wrong oil to its customers at the dealership

‘They are giving you the lowest, cheapest option.’


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In an informative TikTok, a mechanic named Rich (@fordbossme) delved into the complexities of oil recommendations at Ford dealerships. It sparked a lively discussion among car enthusiasts and industry insiders. With just over 11,000 views, his video titled, “They don’t recommend synthetic blend it’s just an option” challenges the conventional wisdom by one of America’s largest car manufacturers.

Rich began by addressing a user’s question about Ford’s preference for Motorcraft Synthetic Blend oil.

Is Ford all about ‘pay-to-play?’

“So your question is, why does Ford recommend Motorcraft Synthetic Blend?” he begins. “Well, because they’ve used the oil that fits in their budget, that has passed specific testing that will allow the vehicle to operate at a minimum cost to the dealership.”

His insights suggest that the recommendation is more about cost-efficiency for Ford than about optimizing vehicle performance or longevity for the consumer.

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He goes on to describe a “pay to play” system where oils that afford to undergo specific testing get a nod of approval.

“You want to get on our list? Pay us some money. We’ll put you on the list stating that your oil’s been tested, this and that, and it meets the requirement,” Rich claims, shining a light on a potential conflict of interest that could mislead consumers about maintenance quality.

Rich also points out that the latest GF6 oil standards, required by the government and auto manufacturers, are designed to improve the longevity of engine parts and are suitable for modern engine technologies. Many oils meet these standards, not just those recommended by Ford.

Viewers weigh in

The comments section of Rich’s video became a forum for debate and suggestion. Skeptics and supporters alike weighed in on the implications of Rich’s assertions.

One viewer joked about the subjectivity of oil performance, writing, “I’m amused when people say they really like their oil or it’s doing great for them. Like do you remove your oil cap and it tells you how things are going inside the engine!?”

Meanwhile, another commenter supported Rich’s critique, saying, “There’s a reason they use synthetic because it is better.” 

A third commented, in agreement, simply said, “Preach.”

This controversy emerges amid Ford’s strategic shift towards electrification, highlighting the broader industry challenges and transitions. Ford is investing heavily in electric vehicle technology, including a $3.5 billion battery plant in Michigan, despite encountering significant financial challenges in its electric vehicle sector.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Ford via email and Rich via TikTok comment. 

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