Target customer buys a brand-new PlayStation 5. The console is already ‘banned’

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‘Someone already activated it. Probably an employee’: Target customer buys a brand-new PlayStation 5. The console is already ‘banned’

‘Bro I’ve never felt so betrayed.’


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The anticipation of the latest tech can be as thrilling as using it—sort of like how some folks get more excited for the previews in the movie theater than the actual movie they’re watching.

While the hype around specific product launches can be fun, the whole point is to eventually use said product, like a new gaming console. And it would be a major bummer if you went through all of the trouble of getting your hands on a console, only for it not to effectively be a brick.

A PS5 purchase gone wrong

TikToker Omar (@cantbanomar) faced a rather quirky and disappointing setback with his new PlayStation 5 from Target. Omar’s video, which captured the attention of over 85,000 viewers as of Friday, showed his receipt for the PS5 priced at $428.

“I was so excited to play bruh,” he wrote in the text overlay. However, the situation quickly soured as he revealed a peculiar issue: His PlayStation 5 was banned from accessing its services.

Omar recorded his reaction to the error message displayed on his TV screen: “This PS5’s services access is permanently or temporarily suspended.” He pleads, “Target, explain yourself, please.” 

@cantbanomar Target sold me a banned PlayStation 5 @target #ps5 #ps5console #target #playstation @PlayStation ♬ original sound – Omar

Viewers are sympathetic

Sympathetic viewers chimed in with support and suggestions. One practical commenter advised, “Box it back up n send it back,” while another eagerly requested updates: “Update us please. Did @target make this right?? Inquiring minds would love to know.”

One informed user, perhaps having encountered a similar issue, speculated the root of the problem, writing, “That was a return or an exchange done by the previous owner. I’ve heard something like that being done at Walmart / Target / GameStop.”

Omar responded, “Some of the comments been telling me Target doesn’t match serial numbers like Best Buy so you’re right.”

He also shared his contingency plan with those telling him to return it.

“I mean Target was closed by the time I finished plugging it in so I made the video to vent my frustration,” he wrote. “My moms returning it rn since I’m doing a double shift at work tho.”

Fortunately for Omar, Target’s customer-friendly return policy may provide a silver lining. Target boasts one of the industry’s most generous return policies, offering a full refund within 90 days for most items, with an extended period for Target Circle™ Card members and up to a year for Target-owned brands or registry items.

This policy places Target third in a recent poll for best return policies, trailing only behind Nordstrom and Costco.  As an additional bonus, Target just announced it would institute price cuts for the summer of 2024 to ease consumer frustrations over rising costs and inflation.  

The DailyDot has reached out to Omar via TikTok comment and Target via email.

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