Restaurant server seats table for 2. She can’t believe who the man brought with him

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‘Please she has a glass of champagne’: Restaurant server seats table for 2. She can’t believe who the man brought with him

‘I need to know what she ordered.’


Charlotte Colombo


Since TikTok’s launch, servers have used the app to give people an insider’s view of how the restaurant industry works. Content ranges from tips or tricks the restaurant doesn’t want you to know about to servers sharing some of their pet peeves about customers. But this might be ServerTok’s most bizarre moment yet, as one former restaurant server goes viral after clocking someone’s surprise dinner guest.

“I’m not supposed to be making TikToks at work, but this calls for one,” TikTok user Tara (@t_bjork) says.

In the short clip, which has amassed 2.3 million views as of Friday, the camera slowly pans to a male customer on the other side of the restaurant. Opposite him is what appears to be a blow-up doll, complete with her own glass of wine.

While Tara said she had “no words” for the encounter, commenters had plenty to say. Several of them speculated that the stunt could be a fantasy football punishment, while another commenter added, “I need to know what she ordered.”

A further commenter thanked Tara for “risking [her] job for this,” but needless to say, the video left TikTokers with more questions than answers.

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A puzzling dinner explained

Fortunately, Tara was able to answer those questions in the form of a radio interview on Charlotte’s HITS 96.1.

“I  looked up and I saw a gentleman … trying to seat her at the table which was mortifying to say the least, because she wasn’t sitting as you could see,” she said. “And then he proceeded to you know, get some food and order some drinks for them and have a blast, I guess.”

@t_bjork For those of you who missed the radio interview!! Find out if i lost my job!!!! #restaurantlife #radio #fyp ♬ original sound – Tbone

She then went on to reveal that the man in question was named Henry, and his unusual dinner companion was indeed the penalty for losing a fantasy football league.

She continued, “I was trying to keep a straight face and serve everyone else. It looked like there were two plates on the table. And they were definitely sharing a little beverage.”

Unfortunately, Tara’s new-found TikTok fame came with a price, as she revealed that she did end up losing her job over the video. But she’s staying positive.

“I think, you know it was almost my time there anyway,” she said. “So if there was a way to go out, this might have been the way to do it.”

Tara didn’t immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment via TikTok comment.

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