TikToker explains theory of ex-Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider was catering to adults with ‘gross’ interest after old Amanda Bynes website resurfaces


‘AMANDA GARGLES??’: Viewers think Nickelodeon’s Dan Schneider was catering to ‘gross’ adults after Amanda Bynes website resurfaces

'It's like a damn menu.'


Nina Hernandez


Posted on Mar 24, 2024   Updated on Apr 2, 2024, 9:05 am CDT

TikTok users think ex-Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider was catering to adults with “gross” interests after an old Amanda Bynes website resurfaced.

TikTok user YouKnowNat (@youknownat) said since the documentary Quiet On Set aired she’s been doing some research into old Nickelodeon websites.  

“Hey, you better believe I went back to the website and I went through every year to see what was going on on there,” she says. “So I already talked about on one of my videos that I believe Dan Schneieder was catering to a specific audience. That’s how he became such a hit on these shows, because he was able to bring in a huge amount of viewers because he was catering to adults that were into some gross stuff. I truly believe that he put these shots on TV because he had an adult fanbase that he was catering to.”

Nat shows a screenshot of the Amanda Please site on Nick.com. It features links to Video Clip of the Week, My Amanda Scrapbook, and Ask Penelope. 

“I was going back and watching some of these old Penelope clips for one of the last videos that I did,” Nat says. “I got this really weird feeling from one of them. I’m going to show you guys. Basically, they are listing off a bunch of facts about Amanda. Which, she was a kid at this point and this is not a character. They’re actually using her real name, using real stats about her. It’s giving the vibes of putting a child in danger before the internet was a place where people were posting their kids with all their information.”

The video clip shows the character Penelope Taynt, who is an Amanda super fan, arguing with another fan about who knows more Amanda trivia. 

“I thought that was kind of weird, especially now that we know AmandaPlease.com is also just saying ‘a man to please,’ like who was going on this website and what was going on on there?” Nat asks. “So bad news for Dan Schnieder, I was able to find it. I went into the archive, and right away you see some weird things. There’s body parts, sniffing shoes, dirty foot, toe nail. The good news for Dan Schneider is that all of these video links are broken. Probably for the best.”

Nat continues, “If we go back to the games section for a website that is for a 13-year-old little girl, there is one game called ‘Color My Belly’ and another game called ‘Name That Body Part.’ They made an entire game and made her take these pictures. Carousels of her hands, her elbows.” 

@youknownat Replying to @Sarah what were these adults doing?? 👀🤯🤮 #quietonset #quietonsetthedarksideofkidstv #nickelodeon #danschneider #brianpeck #amandabynes #childstar #allthat #theamandashow #amandaplease #hollywood #childactor #drakeandjosh #penelopetaynt #90skids #80sbaby #protectthechildren #disneychannel #joshpeck #drakebell #keenanandkel #welcometogoodburger #icarly ♬ original sound – YouKnowNat

She shows another dead link on the site, which is headlined, ‘My Amanda Poem ‘Body Parts.’” 

“If you go back to the archive, this is a couple years later, you’ll see Amanda Gargles, Amanda Squirts Cheese In Her Hand, Amanda Dances With Banana, Amanda Shoe Trick, Sneak Peek #1: Journalist in a Jacuzzi,” she says. 

Nat also points to the Fake Ads section, which includes Homework Hut, Meatloaf Crunch, Remote Control Underpants, Egg Splat, and Sick Popples. “Remember those commercials they used to do?” she says, gesturing to the links. “These are children.”

In conclusion, Nat says, “I just wonder if there was traffic to that website from the wrong crowd and what those photoshoots for that website were like for those kids.”

“What were these adults doing??” she writes in the caption.

The video has amassed 1.2 million views as of Friday evening. In the comments, users expressed their outrage.

“As a kid I was always confused why nickelodeon was obsessed with feet. Makes sense now,” wrote one user.

A second user wrote, “I feel like he was taking a request for scenes. It’s like a damn menu.”

“I REMEMBER THE POPPER PANTS they were so weird!!!!! it was pants that popped popcorn and they would film these kids digging into each other’s pants,” wrote another user.

One user said the content has always disturbed them. “This is why I hated Nickelodeon shows?! They creeped me out&I couldn’t explain why,” they wrote.

Nickelodeon ended its relationship with Schneider in 2018. It released a statement saying that it investigates all accusations of misconduct on its sets and has “adopted numerous safeguards” to promote workplace safety.

The Daily Dot reached out to Nat via email for comment.

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*First Published: Mar 24, 2024, 10:00 am CDT