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Why do people hate ‘America’s Team’?: A history of Dallas Cowboys memes

Whether you love them or hate them, the Dallas Cowboys remain a central part of the NFL story.


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Dec 8, 2023   Updated on Feb 22, 2024, 10:20 pm CST

The Dallas Cowboys, known colloquially as “America’s Team,” are one of the most polarizing entities in the NFL. Their journey, laden with both adulation and animosity, tells the tale of a cultural phenomenon in the world of sports, underscored by a lot of funny Dallas Cowboys memes.

Rise to prominence

The Dallas Cowboys’ journey to fame was marked by a string of successes in their early years, culminating in their last Super Bowl victory in 1996 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. However, their victories were marred by a number of controversial incidents over the years that included accusations of cheating and tampering during games, and a number of untoward incidents involving sexual assault off the field.

It did not help matters when NFL Films bestowed the title “America’s Team” on the Cowboys in 1978. The label, intended to celebrate the charismatic quarterback Roger Staubach, inadvertently fueled nationwide envy and controversy.

Jerry Jones: Controversial figurehead of the Dallas Cowboys

The omnipresence and assertive management style of team owner Jerry Jones have made the Dallas Cowboys owner both a revered and divisive figure. Jones’ desire for the limelight has been a major reason for resentment among fans, and this ill-will is further amplified by Jones’ regular media appearances and involvement in the team’s day-to-day operations.

Media overload and fan fatigue

The almost consistent media presence of the Cowboys through prime-time games and special features, has led to an overexposure that many NFL fans find tiresome. Even their own fans have been known to complain because despite the constant media attention, the team has failed to make it to the Super Bowl and other championship games. The relentless visibility, while increasing the team’s fame, has no doubt contributed to a sense of exhaustion and annoyance among football viewers.

The emotional journey of Dallas Cowboys fans

For Cowboys loyalists, supporting the team has been an emotional rollercoaster. Despite regular successes during the season, their failure to reach the National Football Conference (NFC) championship in 27 years has been a source of frustration. This sentiment has been depicted through a number of memes that illustrate the ability of their fans to find humor amidst disappointment.

Other notable Dallas Cowboys memes

The Sad Cowboys fan meme is based on a viral image of a disheartened Cowboys fan during a defeat against the 49ers. This meme, created by the fan (@Cowboysphoneguy), epitomizes the collective disappointment of Cowboys fans.

Dak Dances To Anything is a meme based on Cowboys player Dak Prescott’s pregame routine, humorously edited to various music tracks.

survey revealing the Cowboys as both the most loved and hated NFL team underscores their divisive nature. This love-hate dynamic is a testament to the team’s lasting impact on American football.


The saga of the Dallas Cowboys is a complex narrative of success, controversy, and intense fan interactions. Their status as “America’s Team” makes them both, a symbol of honor and a target for criticism.

Memes about the Cowboys reflect their role in American football, turning every triumph and tribulation into a shared experience across social media. Whether you love them or hate them, the Dallas Cowboys remain a central part of the NFL story, and their memes unite fans and critics in a shared dialogue.

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*First Published: Dec 8, 2023, 8:00 am CST