Customer throws Coffee at barista

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‘I cant believe customers think its ok to throw food at service workers’: Viewers defend barista after customer threw old coffee at her

'I cant believe customers think its ok to throw food at service workers.'


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Posted on Dec 18, 2023   Updated on Dec 18, 2023, 8:59 am CST

“The customer is always right” is a frequent phrase in customer service. But as many have argued online—it’s not true. In a recent viral video, a coffee shop customer was called out after they threw their drink at a barista because they thought it tasted bad.

This isn’t the first time a person has been reprimanded by the internet for bad behavior. Customers have been known to verbally berate service workers, not leave any tips, and even try to assault their servers.

In the viral video, TikToker @jorlala explains that she was working a closing shift at a coffee shop and was sweeping the lobby five minutes before closing when she noticed a customer was still there.

“Hello I’m over here,” she heard a person say. “Are you trying to hide? Hello. I see you.”

While @jorlala seemed taken aback, she let the customer know she could see them too, assured them she wasn’t trying to hide from them, and offered to ring them up immediately.

“What can I get started for you?” @jorlala asked them.

Instead of giving their drink order, the person went into a rant about how they ordered a coffee at the shop at 6 am that day, and now, 12 hours later, they still had the coffee with them.

“Twelve hours I’ve had to have the nastiest cup of coffee sitting in my car,” the customer complained.

The barista, like many viewers, seemed confused about why the person would keep a drink they didn’t like with them all day instead of just throwing it out.

When @jorlala tried to move the situation along, asking if there was anything else they could get the person, the customer threw the cup of coffee at her and demanded a refund.

“Oh my God. Sir. You cannot throw things,” @jorlala responded, as he continued to demand a refund.

Commenters were livid on the TikToker’s behalf.

“Please tell me you didn’t refund him called the cops and banned him,” a top comment read.

“Please tell me you kicked him out,” a person said.


@jorlala i cant believe customers think its ok to throw food at service workers like who tf raised yall 🥴 (The videos in this series are inspired by stories submitted to me from followers! My DM’s are always open for more😋) #baristatok #baristalife #customerstories #customerstorytime #workstories #worklife #baristastories ♬ Creepy and simple horror background music(1070744) – howlingindicator

@jorlala’s video has garnered over 100,000 views and more than 200 comments as of Monday morning.

“I cant believe customers think its ok to throw food at service workers like who tf raised yall,” @jorlala said in the caption.

She also clarified that while she acted out the situation, the video is part of a series in which she recreates stories submitted to her by her followers. While this exact situation didn’t happen to @jorlala, she has worked as a barista and has shared her own horror stories about the job.

The Daily Dot reached out to @jorlala for comment via email.

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*First Published: Dec 18, 2023, 11:00 am CST