customer shares how to make tiramisu with starbucks madelines, coffee

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‘Y’all acting like 6 dollars is cheap for one serving of tiramisu’: Customer shares hack for making tiramisu with ingredients from Starbucks

'Just don’t ask us to make it for you.'


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Posted on Sep 2, 2023   Updated on Sep 2, 2023, 3:39 pm CDT

Sometimes, being able to put together a nice snack with limited ingredients is a helpful skill, even with unofficial recipes.

Many such recipes, either imitating existing items or creating new off-menu ones, have been shared on TikTok. From the leaking of restaurant recipes to exposing the intricacies of making creams for Starbucks beverages, several official recipes have been shared on the platform.

Several unofficial recipes, such as a tiramisu made from ingredients available at Starbucks including the chain’s packaged madeleine cookies, have also had their moment in the spotlight. In a video posted on TikTok, user Darcy (@cullendarcy) shows their process for making the dessert, the ingredients for which he says cost $6.

The video shows one pack of Starbucks madeleines cookies, two shots of espresso over ice, whipped cream, cocoa powder, and an empty cup to layer the ingredients in.

“it’s so good!!! definitely recommend trying this,” the poster captioned their video.

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The Daily Dot has reached out to Darcy via TikTok comment regarding the video.

Several commenters remarked that they thought they would face some resistance should they attempt to order the ingredients to make tiramisu.

“Disclaimer: most stores probably won’t do this but it def depends on the manager,” one commenter wrote.

“I feel like if I ever ordered this they would sacrifice me to the overpriced coffee gods and then compress me into an espresso puck,” another user said.

“We will not make this for you LMAO,” one user appearing to be a barista shared.

Some commenters encouraged viewers who may want to make the dessert themselves to attempt ordering it, writing that some baristas might be inclined to work with a customer on the atypical order.

“Baristas arent miserable people all of the time,” one commenter said. “Not hard to to ring up a few shots, pupcup, dolce and madelines, just don’t ask us to make it for u.”

“As a sbux barista its not that serious,” another viewer wrote. “You didnt ask them to make it for you, u made it yourself who cares.”

“Bro ignore these comments u don’t gotta explain urself,” a commenter shared. “looks good tho !”

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*First Published: Sep 2, 2023, 2:43 pm CDT