Starbucks employee pouring espresso over biscotti (l) Starbucks employee holding vanilla almond biscotti with Starbucks logo at bottom (c) Starbucks employee adding cinnamon to top of diy tiramisu (r)

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‘DO NOT EVEN TRY TO ORDER THIS PLS’: Starbucks barista makes tiramisu at work

'Cap cuz it’s never slow enough to have time for that.'


Jack Alban

Internet Culture

Posted on Feb 23, 2023

There is a growing trend of fast food employees posting TikToks in which they take whatever is on hand at work to craft entirely new menu items.

While customers shouldn’t expect McDonald’s workers to go out of their way to make them McChurros out of hamburger buns, or Tim Horton’s employees to make them this specific pizza, there are still throngs of folks who love these MacGyver-ed concoctions.

One Starbucks employee even made tiramisu out of broken almond biscottis, cocoa powder, espresso, and whipped cream.

@starbiesthings Starbucks gourmet: volume 1 #earlymorningshenanigigans #starbies #starbucks #barista #baristalife #baristatok #coffeetiktok ♬ original sound – StarbiesThings

In the clip posted to the @starbiesthings TikTok account, the fast food worker says, “I do this thing where I take Starbucks ingredients and completely turn them into something else. I call it Starbucks gourmet so we had a couple of broken almond biscottis and I was like what can we make with these? And my coworker was like ‘tiramisu!'”

TikTokers had several different reactions to the tiramisu, with some folks urging others not to bug workers by requesting off-menu items.

“DO NOT EVEN TRY TO ORDER THIS PLS,” one person wrote.

Another penned, “cap cuz it’s never slow enough to have time for that”

Custom TikTok order trends have become a hot topic of conversation on the application, with many businesses outright refusing patrons who are eager to try the “hacks” folks have come up with. Some Starbucks employees are putting out PSAs begging people to put an end to “hacks,” as it makes their jobs more difficult.

Other workers shared their own concoctions.

“One time I made siracha cold foam and put it over an iced chocolate milk type thing because I know they have like siracha chocolate?” one commenter wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to @starbiesthings via TikTok comment and to Starbucks via email.

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*First Published: Feb 23, 2023, 5:10 pm CST