customer says Wal-Mart worker 'stole' her son's hoverboard after she paid for it

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‘Nobody should be treating anyone like this’: Customer says Walmart worker ‘stole’ her son’s hoverboard after she paid for it

'The employees had already played me out to be a thief.'


Phil West


Posted on Sep 3, 2023

A Walmart customer says she bought her son a hoverboard at the store—and then is claiming that a worker at that store “stole” the hoverboard.

The saga comes via a five-part TikTok video from creator Destiny Gonzalez (@gonzalezdestiny42), with the initial one getting more than 443,000 views as of Sunday, despite her insistence that “Tiktok keeps taking my video down so im reuploading!”

The first video includes a long on-screen caption that sets the scene, reading, “Chris from St. Charles Walmart is gaslighting me. His employee stole the hoverboard I bought for my son’s birthday out of my cart after I paid for it.”

It goes on to say, “They asked for my receipt and then he takes it to the back room and says he gave it to me (he didn’t) and doesn’t want to reprint me a copy because he knows I paid.”

@gonzalezdestiny42 Tiktok keeps taking my video down so im reuploading! They didnt want to check the cameras, they didnt want to reprint my receipt, and the guy in the video tried running up on me before i walked out! #fyp #karen #customerservice #walmart #gaslighting #CapCut ♬ original sound – Destiny Gonzalez

The first video, clocking in at a little more than 2.5 minutes, shows Gonzalez following the employee she identified as Chris, asking him about printing the receipt.

“What’s your excuse for not reprinting another copy of my receipt?” she asks at one point. “Because you guys know that you guys took my money and don’t want to give me my product.” She also reveals, later in the video, that the hoverboard cost $104 and she showed an employee her bank account in an effort to verify that she had indeed paid for it.

In Part 2, the police get involved. The on-screen caption begins, “Pt. 2 of Walmart stealing my son’s hoverboard,” and then relays, “We were waiting for the cops and the manager rush out to speak to them first but I wanted to speak to the cops so that she would say something that isn’t true. Since she stole my hoverboard after having proof I paid,” adding, “I didn’t trust her.”

@gonzalezdestiny42 If i did not pay for the hover board like they claim, how were they able to make a refund in the first place? (With out informing me a refund was being made) all i wanted was the hover board. #fyp #karen #customerservice #walmart #cops #CapCut ♬ original sound – Destiny Gonzalez

That video notes that the cops ignored her as “the employees had already played me out to be a thief.”

At one point in this video, Gonzalez gives the middle finger to an employee, capturing herself doing this on-screen, and says to the employee, “You can go f*cking f*ck yourself. This is ridiculous. You’re a f*cking piece of shit.”

This part concludes with the police relaying to Gonzalez that Walmart’s issued her a refund for the hoverboard, which puzzles her, because as she puts it via caption, “If I did not pay for the hoverboard like they claim, how were they able to make a refund in the first place?” She then explains that she ultimately just wanted the hoverboard.

In Part 3, she reveals that she did eventually procure the receipt.

@gonzalezdestiny42 Replying to @Chocolate Drop from the start Chis the manager from Walmart was acting childish and inconsiderate. He was laughing, making smart comments and i hate so say it but i truly feel like i was being discriminated by this coward. He was so upset he had to reprint me receipt when he handed it to me he tried running up on me in front of the emplyees, customers, and cops. Walmart needs to bring the regular check out back because this couldve been prevented! #fyp #customerservice #walmart #karen #gaslighting #assult ♬ original sound – Destiny Gonzalez

However, according to her via on-screen caption, “It took them an extra 2.5 hours to print my receipt. They fought it because they KNEW I paid!”

Part 4, posted Aug. 8, reveals her trying time with Walmart’s corporate office, though she does say in this video she got a refund.

@gonzalezdestiny42 I put in two claims already and they promised a call back both times and i haven’t received it yet. When i called back the 3rd time asking for an update they hung up on me. Basically nothing is being done and they are trying to brush it under the rug. #walmart #fyp #customerservice #update #CapCut ♬ original sound – Destiny Gonzalez

“It’s not about the money, it’s not about the receipt, it’s not about the hoverboard,” she claimed. “It’s the fact that people shouldn’t be treating people like this.”

She then shared that a former employee of the manager in question relayed a bad experience with that same manager to Gonzalez. Gonzalez noted this manager was involved in a contentious encounter with a customer captured on TikTok, drawing about “5 million views.”

In Part 5, she shares the video in question, contending that this person was “promoted” to manager and then transferred to the St. Charles Walmart, putting her on a collision course with Gonzalez and the alleged hoverboard thief.

@gonzalezdestiny42 I just want them both to get let go. They shouldnt be working for walmart. Nobody should be treating anyone like this. #fyp #walmart #customerservice #CapCut ♬ original sound – Destiny Gonzalez

She also reveals that while she still likes Walmart, attesting that she “grew up on Walmart,” she won’t go to that store again because they “have a bad batch of employees”—and because they’ve banned her.

Commenters on the original video had multiple suggestions for how to get the receipt, while one offered a theory as to why the hoverboard was so coveted.

“I’m wondering if the hoverboard was the last one and that employee wanted it so he took it,” that person said.

Gonzalez replied, “I didn’t even think of that.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Gonzalez via an email address in her TikTok bio, and to Walmart via email.

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*First Published: Sep 3, 2023, 2:30 pm CDT