Man meets up with seller on Facebook Marketplace to confront them over fake BMW

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’40k for a 2015 is actually wild’: Man meets up with seller on Facebook Marketplace to confront them over ‘fake’ BMW

‘It’s already a nice car. Why put the M6 badge on it?’


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A man met up with a seller on Facebook Marketplace for the sole purpose of confronting him over a “fake “BMW.

In a viral TikTok, RealRichSpongebob (@realrichspongebob) came across a listing on Facebook Marketplace for a “2015 BMW M6” in the Houston area that the owner is looking to sell for $40,000. “Meeting up with someone from marketplace to call them out on a fake car,” reads the video’s text overlay.

The video continues with RealRichSpongebob messaging the person. “Not a real m6 so for that I’ll give you $5k,” he wrote. The owner replied, “Whats wrong with you? That is an m6.”

RealRichSpongebob responded, “No it ain’t. I can tell it’s a 640i. It’s already a nice car, why put the m6 badge on it?” The seller retorted, “You’re too much of a chicken to meet me in person to say this to me.”

Well, apparently, RealRichSpongebob was not too much of a “chicken” to go and meet the seller. After a brief exchange, RealRichSpongebob gets an address and films himself driving to the tune of “Blackout” by Turnstile. In the text overlay, RealRichSpongebob wrote, “Oh? Rich SpongeBob won’t call you out? I’m about to pull up rn wussup.”

The video cuts to RealRichSpongebob parked behind the seller’s BMW. He says, “It’s already a nice car. Why put the M6 badge on it? I said it’s a nice car. Why put the M6 badge on it?” Instead of responding, the seller drives away.

@realrichspongebob NO loWbALLs i kNoW whAt i HaVe #nolowballers #lowballing #marketplace ♬ BLACKOUT – Turnstile

“Nothing to say,” RealRichSpongebob wrote. In the caption, he added, “No loWbALLs i kNoW whAt i HaVe. The video has amassed 2.2 million views as of Monday afternoon. In the comments section, users took RealRichSpongebob’s side in the matter.

“LMAO he actually pulled up,” one user wrote.

“lmao your voice sounds so not intimidating just makes it even funnier,” a second user said.

“Bro is actually 5 minutes out in all situations,” remarked another user.

Someone else said, “Not you in an E92 M.”

The difference between the two BMWs

The 2015 BMW 6-Series has an original MSRP of about $76,000 compared to $111,000 for a 2015 BMW M6. That is likely due to the M6 having higher maximum torque, more horsepower, and a larger engine than the 640i.

Facebook Marketplace can go wrong quickly. Recently, a woman who bought a used GMC on the platform said she made a huge mistake after finding out it needed thousands in repairs.

The Daily Dot reached out to RealRichSpongebob via TikTok comment for comment.

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