Wingstop customer tries restaurant's chicken tenders for the first time. He doesn't expect what he gets

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‘Nah this is crazy’: Wingstop customer tries restaurant’s chicken tenders for the first time. He doesn’t expect what he gets

‘When you turned it off I know you smashed it.’


Maya Wray


A Wingstop patron was appalled to discover that the chicken tenders he ordered possessed the same width as his straw, prompting a flood of complaints about the restaurant in the comments section of the viral TikTok video. 

User I luv Jovani (@welovejovani) compared the filet inside his chicken sandwich to tilapia, mocking its thin and banana-like shape.

“I ain’t even going to bite this d*mn plastic bag that they fried up and put on the sandwich,” he stated resolutely in the video, which has been viewed over 641,400 times since it was first posted on April 21.

What was wrong with his order?

He wasn’t a fan of the Original Hot chicken tenders he ordered, either, claiming that the taste leaned more toward buffalo than a true “hot” flavor. The cheese sauce did little to improve them, but he did enjoy the tenders in his favorite Hawaiian flavor. 

“I used to work at wingstop and Hawaiian was my favorite but it weirded me out to hear it’s ketchup and pineapple juice,” one former employee commented.

Another complaint lodged in the video included one about the Cajun fries he ordered: He said they were cold and tasted like Styrofoam. Final rankings included a two out of 10 for the Original Hot tenders, a nine out of 10 for the Hawaiian—full points if eaten with the ranch and cheese sauces—and nothing for the sandwich.

“You dipping the Buffalo tender in the cheese sauce made my acid reflux flare up,” another viewer joked. 

@weluvjovani Yall gone b sorry, on my auntie n hell yall gon be sorry! #fyp #wingstop #foryou @Wingstop ♬ original sound – I luv Jovani

I luv Jovani commonly ranks food from different restaurants on his TikTok page to viewers’ delight. Many commiserated with his less-than-stellar Wingstop experience, claiming that the food there has been subpar lately. 

“I swear these fast food places don’t be using real meat,” @.yalxvsy said. 

Others humorously speculated that I luv Jovani devoured the food once the cameras were off. “I would too if I paid $50 gahhdam dollas,” one viewer shared. 

QSR Magazine reported that Wingstop broke its own record for new customer acquisition this year, with sales increasing 37 percent in the first quarter. This growth was largely attributed to brand awareness, Wingstop’s CEO Michael Skipworth said.

The Daily Dot reached out to I luv Jovani via Instagram direct message and to Wingstop via its website.

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