Man says this 2004 Lexus that once sold for $75,000 is still nicer than anything else on the market

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‘To think I paid $12,000 for this’: Man says this 2004 Lexus that once sold for $75,000 is still nicer than anything else on the market

‘Those 430’s are the best cars Lexus ever made.’


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A man was so proud of the deal that he got on his car, that took to TikTok to brag about it.

In the viral video that has amassed over 3.7 million views as of Monday afternoon, TikTok user Cars&Keys (@carsandkeys) showed off his 2004 Lexus and argued it is still better than what is currently being sold on the market.

He plainly laid out his thesis in text overlaid on the video: “When your 20-year-old Lexus is nicer than most new cars.”

The clip begins with a panning shot that shows off the outside of the white Lexus. Then he gives viewers a glimpse at the interior and even shows off how the car starts.

Praise for Lexus

In one video, the man silently pushes different buttons so viewers can see all of the car’s features. The car is equipped with a CD player, radio, power seats, cassette player, and more.

Then, in a subsequent video, he explained why he believes the vehicle still beats competitors.

@carsandkeys I love my 20 year old lexus #asmr #ls430 #carsandkeys #04rich #carsoftiktok #fypシ ♬ Dvorak-Symphony No.8-3 – 兰州交响乐团

According to the TikToker, the car retailed for $75,000 back in 2004.

“I would wager this is nicer than probably anything on the market new that’s under $200,000,” he argued.

He maintained his position, despite admitting that the car currently has over 168,000 miles, 100,000 of which he attributed to his own driving.

“Yeah, it’s a little worn but ohhh,” he exclaimed. “We are traveling in luxuriousness.”

He noted the car’s Alcantara interior as one of its major selling points. Alcantara was once a fabric exclusively used in expensive cars, however its price has dropped in recent years. So the fabric can also be found in less expensive cars.

Still, it remains a fine choice for the interior of vehicles.

The man also noted that he got the car at less than its retail value when he purchased it.

“To think I paid $12,000 for this little magnificent beast,” he concluded.

In the comments section, some TikTokers agreed with Cars&Keys’ assessment.

“With the saddle interior is an absolute win,” user Ethen wrote.

“I have this car with 68,000 miles on it,” another user said. “Thanks Grandma. Best car I have ever driven.”

However, not everyone was convinced that there aren’t nicer cars on the market right now.

“It’s a nice car but it’s barely nicer than anything under 50,000 let alone 200K,” user Kev argued.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lexus via contact form and TikTok user Cars&Keys by comment for comment.

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