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‘If Emo Brunch comes in your area, do not do it’: Austin Emo Brunch attendee says she was scammed

‘None of that was there.’


Grace Fowler


Emo Brunch brought a pop-up brunch to Austin in April that is still available on Saturdays and Sundays. But an attendee recently posted to TikTok saying that the brunch is a scam.

Bunny (@bunny_fae) has reached more than 393,000 views and 18,000 likes on her video. She filmed her video while sitting in the car, seemingly right after leaving the brunch.  

“We just got scammed,” she began. “Didn’t think it would happen to us, but it did.”

Bunny explains how her and her partner, who is seen driving the car in the video, saw that Emo Brunch was coming to Austin through an Instagram post. She says that by what she had seen advertised in the photos, that there would be “a rooftop patio with inflatables and retro arcade games, and black mimosas, and really fancy brunch food.” She says that one of the entrees listed was avocado toast with a poached egg on top.

“Like, not super fancy, but enough to make you interested,” she adds.

Bunny says she purchased a ticket to the emo brunch for $40 that included “one mimosa each and an unlimited brunch setup.”

“It had like five different entree items that were gonna be included in the brunch,” she says, “None of that was there.”

Next, Bunny says that the brunch was supposed to run from noon to 1:30pm. She says her and her partner arrived 5 minutes early and that the bartenders were still setting up, but that they weren’t “communicating with anybody.”  

“We were just all wandering around, wondering where we were supposed to go, cause there weren’t even enough tables and chairs for everybody,” she adds. Bunny says she saw around 50 people at the pop-up venue that were “standing along the back wall with nowhere to sit.”

She says this is because the venue only had 6 tables. “Six tables for two tops. And there were at least 60 people in here,” she further explains. 

Emo Brunch goes south

Around 30 minutes after arriving, Bunny says that no one had communicated with them, there were no drinks, no food items, and apparently “no one was in charge.” 

“At 12:40, we finally got our [expletive] little mimosas,” she says. Bunny explains that the mimosas she and her partner received were not served in a mimosa glass, but in a rocks glass. She also adds that the drink just “looks really gross.” Bunny says “all of the pulp was sitting on top of the black mimosa. It’s not cute.”

Then, Bunny says once the buffet was ready that the only entree to be served was “heated up tater tots and heated up burgers.”

“And you can choose to put ketchup or mayonnaise on it. That was it,” she adds.

Lastly, Bunny says the pop-up had no AC. “We were actively sweating on the inside as we’re waiting 45 [expletive] minutes to figure out what the [expletive] is going on,” she says.

Before ending her video she says, “If emo brunch comes in your area, do not do it. It was a scam.”

“Emo Wonka experience,” a viewer in the comment section joked, comparing the scam to the Glasgow Willy Wonka experience. 

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“’Pop-Ups’ always seem like scams to me tbh,” another adds.

One even compared the so-called scam-brunch to a “mini Fyre Festival.” 

The only information on the Emo Brunch website states that their brunch in Austin includes: “General Admission: $50 (includes main entree and welcome beverage) Starting in April on Saturdays and Sundays. 90 minute sessions starting at 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.”

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from Bunny via TikTok direct message and Emo Brunch via media contact form. 

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