Dollar General customer says worker accused her of stealing items from self-checkout

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‘They were going to issue a warrant for my arrest’: Dollar General customer says worker accused her of stealing items from self-checkout

‘She’s doing ALL this over a drink?’


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A Dollar General customer says that an employee accused her of stealing without any proof and later called the police on her.

In a lengthy TikTok video, user @remiandaryan provided the details of how she was almost arrested. The TikToker has previously been featured on the Daily Dot for a story about a group dinner that turned into a nightmare once it came to paying the bill.

In this more recent video, the customer shares what happened to her at Dollar General. 

At the beginning of the clip, a police officer is heard Mirandizing the customer, who seems to have been detained. The video then cuts to the TikToker speaking directly to the camera as she explains how she found herself in that situation. 

A shopping trip gone wrong

The customer says that while shopping at Dollar General that same morning, she could not locate an employee when she needed to buy an item that required her to show identification. She says she instead got two drinks and paid for them at self-checkout where she finally yelled for an employee one last time. 

At this point, she says a worker appeared and told the customer there was no need for her to raise her voice. The customer says that after some back and forth she began to gather her items to leave. 

When the employee asked her if she was going to check out, the TikToker says she informed her that she had already paid, so she grabbed her receipt, and walked out of the store. 

However, when the customer returned to the same Dollar General later that day, she says she was detained by the police who claimed that the employee had accused her of stealing. 

The TikToker says she handed over her receipt and claims the police could check it against the transaction history on the checkout machine. 

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“He’s super confused at this point because she said I stole two items. Well, there’s two items on the receipt,” the customer says. However, she says the employee then claimed that there was a third item.

The TikToker says the police then took her to a back room where they read her her rights, which can be heard at the beginning of the clip. She says that at this point, she did not have her receipt anymore, so she couldn’t check it for herself.

“If I had not walked back into the Dollar General for my lunch, they were going to issue a warrant for my arrest. They were not going to do any investigation,” she said. 

The post received over 177,000 views on TikTok as of Monday, and viewers were just as outraged by the incident as the Dollar General customer. A number of users suggested that the TikToker sue everyone involved.

Viewers weigh in

“Get a lawyer file suit against the officers another against the clerk and one against Dollar general,” one person said.

“Contact the news they will get this [fixed],” advised another. 

One commenter said that a similar incident happened to them at Walmart.

“I had this issue with a Walmart stating that a tv was stolen, we had the receipt and my ex was still arrested for it and the judge threw it out for lack of evidence. The whole incident cost us $1,000,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has also previously reported on another Walmart customer who says a worker accused her of stealing after she found items on clearance, as well as a similar incident at the Dollar Tree.

According to a follow-up video from @remiandaryan, someone from the corporate offices of Dollar General reached out to hear her side of the story, but as of now she has not received any further updates. 

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The Daily Dot reached out to the Dollar General customer via TikTok direct message, and to the Dollar General via email.  

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