Culver's worker speaking with caption 'If I work 18 hours a week' (l) Culver's building with sign (c) paycheck with total at $3.42 with caption 'Wtf is this' (r)

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‘Tf imma do with $3?’: Culver’s worker who gets paid bi-weekly gets check for $3.42

‘9 and a half cents an hour is crazy.’


Jack Alban


A Culver’s employee was shocked upon seeing her bi-weekly paycheck after working 18 hours a week for two consecutive weeks.

TikToker Lucile Odhiambo (@lucile.odhiambo) posted a viral clip that’s accrued over 2.7 million views as of Friday where she appears visibly upset at the amount of money given to her by her employer.

@lucile.odhiambo WHATS NOT CLICKING STEVN, tf imma do with $3? #culvers #fyp #blowthisup #viral ♬ original sound – Quay🀄️

“If I work 18 hours a week and get paid biweekly wtf is this,” she writes in the overlay text. The camera then transitions to the employee recording their crying face to the amount on a check that displays a payout of $3.42. According to the caption’s hashtags, the TikToker appears to work at a Culver’s restaurant.

One commenter asked Odhiambo if she was even “clocking” into work.

The TikToker replied by stating that she was, saying, “Yes! Finna go dig for my clock in receipts.”

She also responded to another user who expressed that they couldn’t understand why she received so little money, and Odhiambo seemed to be just as nonplussed as they were.

Someone else simply wrote, “Honestly that should be illegal.”

One viewer wondered why the business would even bother giving her a paycheck at that point, writing, “Just take the money out the register.”

Odhiambo’s paycheck clearly contains a gross error, as it’s difficult to believe that she only earned $3.42 of pay for a total of 36 hours worked. PayScale reports that the average hourly pay for Culver’s employees ranges from $8.89 to $18.25 per hour.

And while this may seem like an uncommon error, as it turns out, there are millions of paycheck mistakes reported by American employees. The Workforce Institute’s survey of compensation issues revealed that 82 million workers have experienced a problem with their checks at some point in their careers. writes that employees who notice discrepancies in their paychecks should immediately notify their company’s Human Resources and payroll departments about the mistake in order for it to be rectified immediately.

For the majority of Americans, receiving less money on their paychecks than they should could be financially devastating as 60% of folks in the U.S. are living paycheck to paycheck, according to Lending Club. While this may seem like a dismal number, in 2022, that figure was actually 4% higher.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Odhiambo via TikTok comment and Culver’s via email.

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