customer accuses Costco of ruining son's graduation cake

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‘I have never been so disappointed in Costco’: Viewers split after customer accuses Costco of ruining son’s graduation cake

‘How is this even real?’


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A Costco customer recently attempted to rip into the wholesale store for reportedly ruining her son’s graduation cake. But viewers stood firmly on Costco’s side—with many ripping into the woman for making a big fuss.

TikToker Mama Butter (@mamabutteronaroll) uploaded a video earlier this week in which she shared a “wild” story about her recent Costco purchase. Indeed, she was not happy. 

“We just cut into our… graduation cake from Costco,” Mama Butter said. “Lemme show y’all this.”

She then proceeded to show viewers the sheet cake, which was covered in a thin layer of vanilla-looking frosting. 

“I have never been so disappointed in Costco in my life,” Mama Butter said. “How is this even real?”

As of Sunday, her video had amassed more than 3.5 million views.

What was wrong with the cake?

At first glance, many viewers said that they couldn’t spot anything wrong with the dessert. 

“Looks like a regular, normal cake to me,” one commenter wrote.

“Me trying to figure out what was wrong and wishing I had a piece,” another added.

To this, Mama Butter responded that the cake was meant to have a cheesecake filling. “The… filling is missing,” she said. In another comment, she said the cake cost $24.99.

In the video, Mama Butter proceeded to question how Costco could dare mess up her order.

“There’s nothing,” she said. “Absolutely nothing. I can’t even believe it. How does that even happen, Costco? What did you do to my cake?”

Toward the end of her video, Mama Butter reaffirmed her disappointment. “My heart has been broken tonight,” she said. 

@mamabutteronaroll Is this even real? Am I dreaming?! What happened to the filling @Costco Wholesale #fyp #indiana #foryourpage #costco #costcocake ♬ original sound – Mama Butter

How are viewers responding? 

Some Costco customers said they’d be elated had they received a filling-less cake. 

“Finally cake without filling,” one person said. 

“Now I want Costco cake,” another wrote. 

“I’d be so excited if my Costco came like that,” a third commenter added. “I hate the custard.”

But even after realizing what was supposedly wrong with the cake, some viewers still couldn’t understand why a simple mistake stirred such outrage. That led a number of people to joke that Mama Butter was being dramatic.

“Have you called the authorities?” one person asked.

“Sending thoughts and prayers that Lord Jesus Christ gets you through this horrible tragedy,” another quipped. “Stay strong!”

“Good news is… I think you’ll live,” a third person wrote. 

Mama Butter, at least, appeared aware that she was being somewhat theatrical in her response. “Sometimes it’s ok to be silly and dramatic,” she responded to one commenter. “Just can’t live in it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Mama Butter via TikTok comment and to Costco through its media request form.

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