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‘U should be thankful that looks LOADEDD’: Chipotle customer slams worker for how they filled her burrito bowl. It backfires

‘I need her to do mine. That’s perfect.’


Braden Bjella


Chipotle has had many valid complaints levied against them. In the past, customers have complained about everything from food poisoning to making burrito bowls that resemble sour cream soup, to the many allegations that the company under-fills online orders.

However, while some of these complaints make sense, others are simply confusing.

In a recent example, viewers were left scratching their heads after TikTok user Ny (@nythegreatest) claimed that the “girl who did [her] Chipotle order today” belongs “in jail.”

“Why would you ever in your right mind do that?” she asks. It is unclear what exactly she is referring to while pointing the camera at her burrito bowl that’s filled to the brim. “I don’t know how bad your day was, but you just wanted to ruin mine. Because why would you do that?”

The video has over 1.8 million views as of Tuesday afternoon.


Why tf would you do that. Why the guac not on top.

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The caption offers a little more insight into what the TikToker might be complaining about. “Why tf would you do that. Why the guac not on top,” Ny stated in the caption.

However, TikTokers were not convinced that placing the guacamole to the side of the bowl rather than on top ruined the dish.

“What are YOU TALKING ABOUT,” questioned a user.

“Dang, can she make my order? She should be employee of the year. She’s not skimping on anything,” stated another.

“I need her to do mine. That’s perfect,” offered a third.

Still, some users were quick to nitpick about the burrito bowl.

“The cheese on top of the sour cream is crazy,” said a commenter.

“No cause I hate when they put one ingredient on one side. Cause I like dipping my chips and I need everything on my chop,” wrote a second.

However, many took the video as proof that customers will always find something to complain about.

As one commenter put it, “they never gonna be satisfied lmao.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Ny via TikTok comment.

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