messages between Chipotle and customer 'Hang tight while I pass along your request. This could take a minute, but I'll be right back with you soon. Unfortunately, I'm not able to process your request at this time. Please reach out if you ever need any assistance in the future. Thanks for messaging with Chipotle. Goodbye.' (l) Chipotle bowl full of sour cream (c) Chipotle customer service with detail confirmation 'Veggie Bowl What was wrong: Other I asked for extra sour cream, my bowl was literally sour cream soup-filled to the brim with sour cream, to the point where it is humorous and feels like a prank. It is not edible.' (r)


‘It is not edible’: Chipotle customer receives ‘sour cream soup’ instead of burrito bowl after asking for extra sour cream

'I would have went to the store and thrown it at the window.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jan 13, 2023   Updated on Jan 14, 2023, 8:40 am CST

With the proliferation of online orders has come a variety of lessons. First, patience — but second, the importance of specificity. 

Over the past two years, numerous users have gone viral for their delivery fails, from receiving 30 lbs of cheese after ordering .25 lbs to numerous orders not being delivered because the customer did not leave a tip.

However, the most striking of all these fails is when a restaurant appears to be trying to follow a customer’s directions but simply taking it too far.

Chipotle offers countless examples of this behavior. In the past, several users have gone viral after claiming that ordering extra sour cream resulted in them receiving essentially a soup, with their burrito bowl ingredients swirling around in a load of sour cream.

Recently, it appears to have happened again, this time to TikTok user Becca (@beccado1). According to Becca, she ordered the burrito bowl with extra sour cream; when it arrived, the bowl had far more sour cream than she had asked for.

“I asked for extra sour cream, my bowl was literally sour cream soup- filled to the brim with sour cream, to the point where it is humorous and feels like a prank,” she wrote in a complaint to Chipotle via the mobile app. “It is not edible.”

In Becca’s TikTok, which was a slideshow including photos of said bowl and screenshots of her written complaint, she revealed that Chipotle initially refused to refund her for the error. However, she notes in a comment that, after emailing corporate, she received a refund and a “buy one get one free” coupon.

In the comments section, some users claimed that they would actually enjoy receiving a dish with this much sour cream.

“Not gonna lie I would LOVE this!” one user exclaimed.

“As a sour cream lover this is what i mean when i tell them extra sour cream,” another echoed. “Sad to see some [one] living your dreams.”

However, others thought Becca underreacted.

“This… would have pushed me over the edge,” a user wrote.

“You’re better than me bc I would have went to the store and thrown it at the window,” a second added.

Overall, users stressed the importance of telling Chipotle exactly what you want — even if it seems a bit ridiculous.

As one user summarized it, “Chipotle is one of those places you need to order in person or it’s gonna be wrong.”

We’ve reached out to Becca via Instagram direct message and Chipotle via email.

Update 8:37am CT, Jan. 14, 2023: In an Instagram direct message exchange with Daily Dot, Becca says it took several forms of contact to reach Chipotle. Once she found someone more understanding of her situation, however, she managed to get both a refund and a BOGO coupon.

“I posted the TikTok the night before I emailed corporate,” she explained. After she reached out, “the customer care coordinator was very quick to respond and they gave me exactly what I had asked for!”

And for those who wondered what it tasted like, Becca says she did make an attempt to eat it.

“I was so hungry and tired that night, I did try to eat it! But I gave up after 3 bites,” she detailed.

That said, she says she’s confused about how this could have happened in the first place.

“I have been getting the same exact order for years, and many of those orders have been through the app or online. I have NEVER had an issue! The app provides an option to select ‘light’ or ‘extra’ for some ingredients, and I always slide to ‘extra’ for corn and sour cream. They didn’t do that amount for the corn!” Becca wrote. “The reason I even say ‘extra’ is because I like sour cream, and the typical amount I have experienced has been not enough for my preferences, and ‘extra’ is usually the perfect amount. Moving forward, I will be clicking the option to have it on the side.”

“My friends and family are amazed at how this has blown up, and extremely entertained by the comment section as well,” she continued. “We can’t believe that people would WANT that!”

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*First Published: Jan 13, 2023, 9:25 am CST