Customer says she had to cook Chipotle quesadilla at home after workers messed up her order 3 times

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‘What is the etiquette for the number of times you can send something back?’: Customer has to cook Chipotle quesadilla at home after they messed up her order 3 times

'I am currently trying to melt the cheese in my Chipotle quesadilla.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Apr 24, 2023

When ordering from a restaurant, it’s normal to occasionally have to send back a food item. Maybe the kitchen failed to note an allergy, or perhaps the food wasn’t exactly cooked to your liking. Regardless of the reason, it’s not out of the ordinary to ask a kitchen to remake a dish.

What’s a little more out of the ordinary is needing to ask a restaurant to remake your dish twice—or, in the case of TikTok user Ceci (@kanececi), three times.

In a video with over 109,000 views, Ceci claims that she ordered an item from Chipotle, only to discover that they incorrectly fulfilled her order. When she returned to the restaurant, they remade the item, though they still missed one of the ingredients she ordered (fajita veggies).

“I’m like, I’m not trying to be a Karen here, but I want what I ordered,” she explains.

After they finally delivered the food for the third time, Ceci realized that the restaurant hadn’t even melted the cheese, a move she calls “petty.”

“I am currently trying to melt the cheese in my Chipotle quesadilla because they screwed up my order 3 times in a row,” she says at the beginning of her video, in which she can be seen reheating a quesadilla. “What is the etiquette for the number of times you can send something back before the restaurant starts to get petty? Because I feel like that’s what this was.”

@kanececi I am sincerely not mad or upset – I just think it’s funny at this point and I am here for the pettiness. Turns out my limit is three times and then I’m on my own 🤣 #chipotle #wrongorder #chipotlequesadilla #quesadilla #socialanxiety #karen #petty #pettytiktok #faceyourfears ♬ original sound – Ceci

In an email to the Daily Dot, Ceci notes that she’s not actually “angry or upset” about the situation.

“I just had to laugh after it was still wrong the third time they made my order,” she stated. “I historically have not been a person who sends things back at restaurants because *social anxiety*, but it’s something I’ve been working on. My quesadilla wasn’t complicated, so I am not sure why they struggled to get it right, but I try to give people grace in these situations.”

“I was annoyed of course, but as someone who used to work in a coffee shop, I’ve been on the other side of it as well,” she continued. “Sometimes you just have one of those days, you know?”

“After the third time I just gave up – I had to let them off the hook,” she concluded. “At least the ingredients were right this time, and it was an easy fix.”

The Daily Dot also reached out to Chipotle via email.

Still, users were quick to share their own Chipotle gripes in the comment section.

“I ordered a kid’s quesadilla once and got it delivered. Opened the box and there were 2 empty taco shells,” recalled a user. “That was the last time I had Chipotle lol.”

“THIS SAME THING HAS HAPPENED TO ME!!!!!! It makes me feel so awkward to have to ask them to put the veggies in the quesadilla,” detailed another.

“I’ve never once gotten the fajita veggies on my quesadilla when I’ve ordered it that way,” claimed a third.

They’re not the only ones on TikTok taking shots at Chipotle. Numerous users have pointed out the restaurant’s high prices, stingy portion sizes, and alleged attempts to squash unionization efforts as topics for which the chain should be criticized. 

A few users answered Ceci’s query about the appropriate number of times to send an item back.

“Twice and then I want a refund!!!! That’s ridiculous,” stated a commenter. “It was a simple order.”

“As much as you can. litterly keep telling them to fix it until they get it right,” offered a second. “and if they get an attitude, call corporate in front of them.”

I def would’ve just asked for a refund after they messed it up a second time bc that’s crazy,” suggested a further TikToker.

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*First Published: Apr 24, 2023, 9:06 am CDT