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‘I hope you guys sue them’: Chipotle customer mobile-orders bowl, finds something strange inside

‘Issue my daughter a refund.’


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A Chipotle customer posted a viral TikTok after her daughter noticed a problem with the burrito bowl she ordered online. 

Natascha Davis (@nataschadavisdawkins) has reached over 939,000 likes on her video. 

In the six-second clip Davis posted, she filmed the inside of a burrito bowl, focusing on what appears to be a small bug crawling around on the very left side of the bowl.

She told viewers in the caption of her video that Chipotle refused to issue her daughter a refund for this bowl because it was “purchased online.” 

Chipotle’s online ordering system allows customers to order any menu item online ahead of time, available for delivery or pickup.  

Davis says that instead of giving her daughter a refund, Chipotle “directed her to 1-800-Chipotle.”

“Why should she be inconvenienced because you served a bowl with a bug?” she asked. “They offered another bowl, no thank you,” Davis added in the caption of her video.

@nataschadavisdawkins @Chipotle refused to issue my daughter a refund because she purchased online. Instead directed her to 1-800-Chipotle. Why should she be inconvenience because you served a bowl with a bug. They offered another bowl, no thank you. #chipotle #fyp #viral #foryoupage #foryou #foodie #wtf #tennessee #murfreesboro #tiktok #trending ♬ Not Like Us – Kendrick Lamar

Davis isn’t the only Chipotle customer with this issue

A comment under Davis’ video with over 100,000 likes asks, “omg where are all these bugs in chipotle coming from.”

Earlier this month, another internet user found a bug in their Chipotle burrito that they say they had first mistaken for a bean. Under the Reddit thread r/Chipotle, multiple users also recount experiences of finding suspicious bugs in their Chipotle meals. 

A self-identified Chipotle worker in the comments section of Davis’s video says, “It’s the lettuce!!! We wash through them twice but honestly I’ve seen so many bugs more and more recently it’s so bad.”

A few users in the subreddit agree that Chipotle’s lettuce is the main source of the issue. “It gets washed twice, once before cutting, once after. Usually that gets all the bugs but sometimes they get missed,” one wrote. 

“A cold water soak and salad spinner doesn’t really clean the lettuce,” another adds.

How can I avoid it?

According to Reader’s Digest, The Food and Drug Administration recommends you wash all produce under “cold, running water for one to two minutes just before you intend to eat it.” 

Health Coach Elizabeth Girouard told Reader’s Digest that “often produce contains tiny insects or slugs which should be cleaned off before eating as they may taste bad.” She adds that generally, “your stomach acid will handle them, but it may change the flavor of what you are eating.”

If you have a problem with your Chipotle order and would like to submit a refund request, Chipotle’s website states that you should contact the company through the Contact Us page. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Davis via TikTok direct message and comment section and to Chipotle via email.

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