Woman gets refund for Chipotle bowl after it’s already made

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‘Can I get a refund? I don’t want that’: Woman gets refund for Chipotle bowl after it’s already made

‘I know they was gagging cause whattttt.’


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A woman asks for a refund for her Chipotle bowl after it’s already made because she noticed a pest problem at the register.

TikTok user Hakori (@iamshakori) posted the video on May 9. It shows the register at a Chipotle location in Summersville, South Carolina. With a finger emoji, Shakori points to a shadow underneath the card reader. “They have roaches,” she writes in the text overlay.

To conclude the video, Shakori asks, “Can I get a refund? I’m sorry, I don’t want that. Y’all got roaches in here.”

The video has amassed 228,000 views as of Friday morning. In the comments section, viewers from Summersville weighed in.

One viewer joked, “Not my town popping up on my fyp.” Shakori replied, “They were calm about it too… they know they’re there!!!”

A second viewer said, “That’s why I only go to the one in goose creek.” 

A third viewer wrote, “not after i just finished eating from there.”

Another viewer said, “most fast food places do … but to actually see them while paying do hit different.”

@iamshakori Stay out of #chipotle in #summervillesc they have #roaches ♬ original sound – Shakori

Are pests at restaurants really that common?

According to a 2020 study, more than half of those surveyed said they’d seen a cockroach inside or “around the exterior” of the restaurant. “Although a cockroach sighted around the exterior of the facility is much less objectionable than inside, more than 60% of those reporting having seen cockroaches said they were discovered in the employee breakroom or kitchen while only 27% reported them as outside the facilities,” the report states.

A customer asked for a refund at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas back in March after seeing a cockroach in the gift shop. In November, a customer caught a Nobu server trying to hide a roach crawling around her birthday dinner. Additionally, a former Popeyes employee got revenge on her workplace by sharing a video she recorded of roaches in the kitchen.

People have asked the internet if you can sue over a situation like this. The consensus on this legal advice forum appears to be that you could potentially sue, but the damages you’d win from a case like that would be negligible. Therefore, it’s unlikely a lawyer would even take your case.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shakori via TikTok direct message and Chipotle via press email for comment.

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