TikToker explains that cruise drinks have too much sugar

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‘HAD to be diluted’: Carnival Cruise customer says lemonade on ship is too sugary, waters it down. She’s not alone

'Nothing but sugar.'


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Posted on Feb 9, 2024   Updated on Feb 9, 2024, 11:02 pm CST

In a humorous and relatable 11-second TikTok video, Destiny (@destinyy133) captures a moment aboard a Carnival Cruise that has resonated with 1.5 million viewers, leading the conversation about the cruise line’s onboard beverage experience, specifically with sugary soft drinks like lemonade. 

The video shows her cleverly navigating the drink station, initially filling her small cup with water before heading over to the lemonade dispenser. The action subtly implies that the lemonade offered on Carnival Cruises, or at least on this particular voyage, was too sugary for her taste and required dilution to be enjoyable.

The caption accompanying Destiny’s post, “I don’t know if it’s all Carnival Cruises, but something about this one, the drinks in these machines HAD to be diluted,” sparks a dialogue among viewers about their experiences with beverages on cruises. This critique touches on a common scenario many travelers can relate to—adjusting overly sweet, machine-dispensed drinks to suit personal preferences.

Carnival says its staff caters to low-sugar and low-carb diets, per its FAQ page. Most of its drink offerings come from Pepsi, with which it has a partnership. However, lemonade isn’t listed on the Pepsi landing page so it’s unclear what, exactly, is the drink in question. Carnival writes: “As we look for more ways for Carnival guests to Choose Fun, we also want to give our guests more beverages to choose – and after a careful evaluation, we concluded that PepsiCo offers both a wider variety, as well as many leading popular beverage brands.  The broad selection of PepsiCo products gives our guest more choices and enhance our Bottomless Bubbles and Cheers! beverage packages…”

Destiny’s video, beyond providing a quick chuckle, opens up discussions among the Carnival Cruises community. Viewers have chimed in with their own stories and tips for balancing the flavors of free beverage options available on the ship. TikTok has become a platform for sharing and connecting over shared cruise experiences, from watered-down lemonade to mixed-beverage hacks.

“Yess. That lemonade will drink you back, Nothing but sugar,” said one commenter. One woman was over the drink after her trip: “Baby, I was so tired of damn lemonade.” Destiny responded, “No really, just started drinking only water.”

Some claimed the lemonade was “sweet sweet,” and others said it “[tasted ]like straight lemon.”

@_destinyy133 I don’t know if its all carnival cruises but something about this one, the drinks in these machines HAD to be diluted 😂😭😭 #fyp #carnival #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Destinyyyy ❤️

Another apparent favorite soft drink was their guava juice. “The guava juice in the morning is fire,” said one commenter. Another responded with emphasis, “Tttthhhheeeeeeeeeeeee best I be filling my cups up and putting them in my room fridge lol.

As cruise enthusiasts continue to share their insights and hacks for the perfect drink ratio, Destiny’s viral video highlights a small but memorable aspect of cruising with Carnival Cruises. These shared experiences, captured in brief but vivid moments, continue to endear the cruising community to each other, one cup of lemonade at a time.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the TikTok user and Carnival Cruises.

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*First Published: Feb 9, 2024, 11:00 pm CST