Amazon driver says she was assaulted by resident of ‘affluent’ apartment complex

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‘I have never experienced such racist behavior’: Amazon driver says she was assaulted by resident of ‘affluent’ apartment complex

'I absolutely believe their vitriol towards me was racially motivated.'


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Posted on Dec 29, 2023   Updated on Dec 29, 2023, 11:29 am CST

An Amazon delivery driver went viral after she posted a video of an apartment complex resident allegedly harassing and pushing up against her while she attempted to deliver a package.

TikTok account Red Rose Media (@_redrosemedia) shared the harrowing interaction filmed inside The Belle Meade at River Oaks, a Houston, Texas, apartment complex. The video has been viewed over 701,000 times as of Friday.

In the video, the resident can be seen holding her phone up and pressing herself against the delivery driver several times.

“We’ve had thieves here and you’re a thief!” the woman said while pushing herself against the driver.

As the driver attempted to get away, it seemed the elderly woman slammed her against a wall while claiming that the driver was “attacking” her. The driver continued to request security, but another resident threatened to call them on her.

@_redrosemedia Christmas time Karen: I was assaulted by an unidentified white woman in the popular, affluent, Houston neighborhood, River Oaks while delivering a package on an Amazon shift. This lady spewed racist tropes, like that I was a thief, and hit me several times. She even threw me up against a residents door, and eventually ripped the package I’m attempting to delivery out of my hand, all unprompted. All while I did not once hit or touch her back. As much as I wanted to, I knew she would weaponize anything I did to her against me. She even yells “she’s hitting me!” in the video as you can literally see her hitting ME. At this same time, you can also see her fake defend herself as I again, do not lay a single finger on her. I hate that I did not get clearer video, but I was literally having to defend myself. I’m pressing charges on her, and have already filed the police report, so I am hoping to get the apartment security footage. But the building has not been helpful so far. What happened: I was let into the building by a resident. I have an amazon vest on, and a package in hand, so she lets me into the elevator. I attempt to exit the elevator on the 2nd floor, and she tells me I have to go to the concierge even though my delivery instructions say customers door. I decide to go with what the delivery instructions say, and proceed to try to find the customers door on the 2nd floor. This resident who let me in the elevator, then starts freaking out, and runs and tells another lady that I am not listening to her about going to the concierge. The lady she told is who ends up harassing and assaulting me. I started recording shortly after the harassing began. Both of these were older white women, who I assume were rich based on the neighborhood and fancy apartment building, and I absolutely believe their vitriol towards me was racially motivated. I have not heard any updates on the investigation and I want this spread far and wide to identify these women. Because of this experience, I’ve had to obviously take a break from Amazon, which was my primary income, and this has all been extremely disruptive to my day to day. I don’t feel comfortable delivering to certain places, and you can not confirm where you are delivering before you pick up packages for your shift with Amazon’s structure. Living check to check, any time off from working puts me in a hole so I’ve also set up a gofundme in my bio to help with bills and rent while I look for new work. I have never experienced such racist, Karen, behavior. It was so off the wall, but also completely on brand with how white women have historically weaponized their privilege. The best example of this in the video is when she claims I am hitting her, while literally hitting me. And it’s wild how I still felt like if I defended myself in that moment and hit her back, that I would face harsh consequences. Please help me by sharing and tagging local news accounts. #christmas #karen #houston #blm #amazon #holidays ♬ original sound – red rose media

The TikToker explained in the video description, “I’m pressing charges on her, and have already filed the police report, so I am hoping to get the apartment security footage. But the building has not been helpful so far.”

In a follow-up video, the TikToker gave viewers an update.

“So I’m the Amazon driver. I just want to give a quick update,” she says. “I have not found the Karen who assaulted me. I have heard from the investigator, no new information on this Karen or anything, but they did have a lot of nice questions about my employee Amazon number. They want me to send a picture of my Amazon vest. Basically, prove that I work for Amazon. Nothing, no word on the assault that happened to me. I will keep y’all updated. I really appreciate all the support. I am seeking legal advice or any leads y’all have. I did file a police report the night of, but I wasn’t contacted by the investigator until yesterday which was 10 days after the assault happened.”

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Viewers were appalled by how the residents treated her.

“Young lady your Mom n Grandma should be proud. I’m sorry you had to go through that. You handled that with kindness she didn’t deserve. Respect!” one wrote.

“I’m also an Amazon delivery driver and idk if I could’ve practiced the patience you did. You are amazing and I hope you get full justice!” another added.

A third added, “So sorry this happened to you! It’s absolutely appalling. I hope they are held accountable!”

Documenting “Karens” in the wild is a dangerous activity. These entitled women have been confronted while attempting to save parking spots by standing in them, and on airplanes. Frequently, they can be found attacking people over Amazon packages.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Amazon and The Belle Meade at River Oaks via email, and Red Rose Media via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Dec 29, 2023, 12:00 pm CST