Karen gets escorted out of Spirit Airlines

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Spirit Airlines ‘Karen’ tells whole plane ‘I hope y’all crash and die!’ while getting booted off

‘Pilot wasn’t having that bad juju!!’


Jack Alban


In a viral TikTok video, a Spirit Airlines customer gets booted from a flight. As she’s exiting the aircraft, she wishes death upon the passengers, prompting ire from other TikTok users.

The clip of the woman being escorted out was recorded by user @yutaka021, another passenger on the plane, and it has racked up over 2.7 million views.

@yutaka021 #karen says “I hope y’all crash and die!” on #spiritairlines ♬ original sound – ⏳⌛️⚰️

In the video, a woman and a man can be seen walking through the aisle of the airplane toward the exit. A fellow passenger can be heard saying, “Booo!” which prompts a response from the booted flier. “Boo you bitch. If you were in my position you’d do the same thing,” the woman says.

After exiting the plane, she shouts, “I hope y’all crash and die!”

That received a reaction from multiple passengers, “Ohhh,” a man off-camera can be heard saying. “I hope you crash and die, she said.”

Apparently, the pilot didn’t appreciate that as he can be seen exiting the airplane briefly, presumably to leave the passenger with some words before he returns to the flight and enters the cockpit.

There appears to have been an uptick in airline drama following the COVID-19 outbreak. While the pandemic saw its fair share of drama when booted passengers refused to wear masks, there have been a number of recorded instances of fliers lashing out at airlines after experiencing a massive number of delays and cancellations throughout 2021 and 2022.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @yutaka021 via TikTok and Spirit Airlines via Twitter DM for further information on the incident.

It’s unclear why the woman in question was removed from the flight.

Some viewers on TikTok theorized that the pilot in the above video may have simply exited the aircraft to tell authorities waiting outside the plane to escort the woman back into the airport that she should be placed on the “no fly list” for her comments. Others remarked that her comments could be perceived as a threat.

“Miss ma’am bouta be on the FBI no fly list,” one user wrote.

“That’s not something you wish for on Spirit,” another commented.

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