shopper in clothing store holding Air Tag with caption 'Keep an eye out for Air Tag thefts!' (l) shopper in clothing store putting clothes in trash bag with caption 'Keep an eye out for Air Tag thefts!' (c) shopper in clothing store putting bag of clothes in trash with caption 'Keep an eye out for Air Tag thefts!' (r)

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‘This is low key genius’: Shop owner shows how customers use AirTag hack to steal clothes

‘Bro just taught me how to steal.’


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Posted on Aug 1, 2023

A shop owner recently went viral when she demonstrated how someone can steal clothes using an AirTag.

TikToker Hanskimarie (@Hanskimarie) filmed the short video as a warning to other shop owners who may not be aware of the tech shoplifters can use.

Hanskimarie began the short clip with a text overlay warning shop owners to: “Keep an eye out for AirTag trash thefts!”


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Pretending to be a customer, she drops an Apple AirTag into a black plastic bag before picking out several items and depositing them into the same bag. Then she nonchalantly drops the bag into the trash inside the store. Before she leaves she purchases a bikini top to cover any suspicions the clerk may have had.

Finally, Hanskimarie waits outside with her phone tuned to the AirTag until the clerk takes out the trash. Once the trash has been placed outside the thief follows the geo tracker to the bag. Quickly digging through the trash, the thief recovers her ill-gotten gains.

The short skit garnered over 2.4 million views and over 305,000 likes as of Tuesday. The Daily Dot reached out to Hanskimarie via InstaGram direct message for further information.

Users applauded her demonstration, with many thanking her for the tutorial.

“Your tutorials are amazing I’m gonna have to follow you for more tips,” one commented

“Thanks for the tutorial,” a second added.

“Thanks for the tip,” a third agreed.

Another user was confused about all the thanks and wondered if it was shop owners thanking her or potential thieves: “I don’t understand the comments, when y’all say ‘thanks for the tutorial’ you mean ‘thanks for teaching me how to prevent it happening to me?’ or ‘thanks for teaching me how to steal?’ I seriously don’t get it.”

Several users were more direct and commented that the video teaches potential criminals more than it deters theft.

“You literally gave people a lightbulb rather than stopping it lol,” a user explained.

“Girl you’re just teaching us how to steal smarter,” a user agreed.

“Bro just taught me how to steal,” laughed a third.

“She’s teaching future criminals,” a fourth stated.

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*First Published: Aug 1, 2023, 8:49 pm CDT