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‘I’ve learned from experience not to book vacations with bfs too far in advance’: Ex-couple still goes on nonrefundable 2-week vacation together after breaking up

‘One vacation and a whole lotta trauma.’


Braden Bjella


In March of this year, a couple went viral on TikTok after going on a nonrefundable spring break trip together. Now, it seems that couples of TikTok still haven’t learned the lesson of booking a trip with your partner out too far in advance, as the same tragedy recently befell user @sadgirlhours3344 to similar viral success.

According to @sadgirlhours3344, she and her boyfriend had planned a two-week, nonrefundable vacation together. However, soon before the trip, the couple broke up. They decided to still go on the holiday, leaving @sadgirlhours3344 with “one vacation and a whole lotta trauma,” as she wrote in comments.

Her first video on the subject currently has over 11.7 million views.


2 week vaca!!!!!

♬ use this sound if u like men – Tik Toker

In follow-up videos, @sadgirlhours3344 answers some of the most frequently asked questions in the comments of her video.

First, she says the two did not get back together.

@sadgirlhours3344 Reply to @saylenamxx ♬ if you use this sound follow me – mvds

Second, she says she did not “[use] him for his money,” nor does she have time for any of the doubters in her comments. 


You guys are FUNNY 😭🤣☺️

♬ original sound – Alice 🙏😹

While the next video claims she made up the whole story, @sadgirlhours3344 explained in comments that she was being sarcastic.

“I’m not lying we are broken up,” she wrote in the comments. “This video is the joke. I was being sarcastic.”

@sadgirlhours3344 Reply to @dlot406 ♬ use this sound if u like men – Tik Toker

She confirms this in a later video, saying that she’s in her “villain era after a breakup.”

In the comments under the first video, users shared their own similar experiences.

“This was almost me and bf on our cruise but then got back together and then got pregnant so still couldn’t go,” one user recalled.

“Literally this happened, but I took a friend in his place,” a second remembered. “She was happy that she got to go for free.”

“Me and my ex booked a trip and broke up and canceled it, got the money back. Got back together booked it again and broke up again,” a third added.

Others offered their thoughts on the situation overall.

“This feels like the plot to a book I would love,” a commenter shared.

“I’ve learned from experience not to book vacations with bfs too far in advance,” another said. “Going to universal at the end of this month.”

And of course, a few users reminded @sadgirlhours3344 that things could always be worse.

“At least he didn’t ask you for your ticket so he could take his new girlfriend,” a TikToker who presumably had this experience happen to them said.

We’ve reached out to @sadgirlhours3344 via TikTok comment.

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