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‘They take a severe beating in this heat’: Handyman reveals 3-In-One tip for your car this summer

‘This is exactly what I do to my Chrysler at least once a month.’


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Summer weather can do significant damage to your car. According to The Arizona Republic, extreme heat can cause battery problems, tire issues, fluid evaporation, overheating, and more.

Some internet users have gone viral and sparked discussion after sharing their own issues with owning a car in hot weather. For example, one driver said that her tail lights melted after leaving her car in the sun, though the true cause of this is unclear. Another claimed she accidentally locked herself in her Tesla in 103 degree heat with no way to turn on the air conditioning.

Given the manifold issues that summer weather can present, it’s important to prepare your car for everything the season may bring. That’s where a recent video from TikTok user Gator (@jmg8tor) comes in.

How to prepare your car doors for the heat

In a clip with over 240,000 views, Gator advises that those driving in hot weather buy a product called 3-In-One RV Care Rubber Conditioner.

“Your rubber seals around your doors, your windshield wipers, any kind of rubber gaskets, they take a severe beating in this heat,” he starts, later adding that utilizing this product on the rubber lining of a door and one’s windshield wipers can minimize the damage that the heat and sunshine do to them.

“Just spray some on a rag like this and wipe your door seals down with it,” he explains. “It’s going to condition them, it’s going to clean them, and it’s going to keep your doors from sticking.”

According to the 3-In-One website, the product works by working to “actively prevent cracking and fading, and ultimately extend the life of your rubber seals.”

The rubber seal around a door is important, notes ZYXrubber, as it keeps the interior of the vehicle dry while reducing the amount of exterior noise that enters the car. Damage to these seals, which can be caused by extreme heat, compromises the seals’ ability to offer these benefits.

@jmg8tor 3 in one for your vehicle #jmg8tor ♬ original sound – 🐊💙GATOR💙🦌

Commenters says it works

In the comments section, many users spoke to the value of this advice.

“This is exactly what I do to my Chrysler at least once a month,” said a user. “This stuff really works and it’s probably because of the silicone that it contains. rubber loves silicone.”

“Also usefully in the winter in the northern states. keeps the gaskets from cracking and sticking,” suggested another.

“Yes sir !!!!! my classic truck I use on all the bushings and boots on the suspension. also it covered up the browning on my tires. 3 months so far tires look good,” offered a further TikToker.

The Daily Dot reached out to Gator via email.

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