Why does Pete Buttigieg always tweet ‘buh’?

As Mayor Pete Buttigieg has risen in 2020 polls, he’s faced greater scrutiny: Had he been discreetly calling Black people homophobic? Is he secretly a fan of the Tea Party? Is his campaign dance some form of demonic indoctrination?

And why in the world does he always tweet “Buh”?

Buttigieg’s response to things that confuse or bother him on Twitter? Often, a well-timed “Buh.”

Trump announces a Muslim ban?


Criticism that he might oppose the Second Amendment?


Criticism that he might support the Second Amendment?


People leaving South Bend, Indiana?


Casually watching cable news?


Something about doing Casey’s show?

A big buh.

And the doozy that started it all, during last week’s argument over where he stands on Medicare for All.

Buh? He’s never been against it.

According to Urban Dictionary, the meaning of buh boils down to “a question, not unlike meh” that’s manifested verbally as “a simple grunting noise made to substitute the use of any word that makes sense.”

As in: “Where shall we go?”

Answer: “Buh?”

I like to imagine Buttigieg trying to straddle the line between a somewhat bellicose “Bro” when confronted online, but watering down in a Midwestern, deferential way, such that whoever he’s posing it to could also interpret it as Buttigieg politely asking “Huh?”


David Covucci

David Covucci

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