The intersection of the internet and the state.

A popular developer tool stood up to China—and now it’s under siege
Yesterday, the Notepad++ project, which is headquartered in France, released a new version called “Free Uighur.”
Trump jokes Melania wouldn’t cry if he got shot
The First Lady has yet to confirm.
Ocasio-Cortez praises Twitter’s decision to ban political ads
The New York lawmaker has been critical of Facebook's political advertising policy.
Hannibal Buress’ rent control views have people questioning if he’s a landlord 
The comedian wants you to donate to a pro-landlord website. And he's not joking.
Twitter will ban all political advertising before 2020 election
'We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought.'
Africa is the newest sphere of illicit Russian Facebook activity
The networks reached hundreds of thousands of people.
A man is running for office in California so he can run fake Facebook ads
Facebook's policy has faced a torrent of criticism.
Gab wants to go to war with the Drudge Report
Could Gab be the new Drudge?
AOC grilling Mark Zuckerberg cooks up Italian meme
'*when the mozzarell is fresh*'
Untitled Goose Game vulnerability could have let hackers booby-trap your game
It seems fitting for a game centered around goose-inspired chaos and mayhem.
Tomi Lahren pranked into thinking she’s saving a conservative marriage
'I know you guys have a bond over me and over conservative values.'
Of course, Donald Trump Jr. loves ‘Jesus is King’
Don Jr. loves Kanye's new album, and the internet hates to see it.
Facebook employees call on Zuckerberg to change political ads stance
Some employees have joined in the criticism of the social media giant's policy.
House Republican at the center of net neutrality debate announces retirement
Walden has been vocal in his opposition to Title II.
Trump campaign’s Hocus Pocus’-inspired merch misses ‘witch hunt’ mark
'Everyone knows that 'witch hunt' does NOT mean the witches were DOING the hunting, yes?'
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