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Man tried to use Bernie Sanders’ birthday cake as a socialism metaphor–and it backfired

But isn’t that how birthday cakes work?


Siobhan Ball

Layer 8

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) birthday was on Sept. 8, and to commemorate the day, an apparent anti-socialist tried to dunk on the known Democratic Socialist.

“Bernie Sanders should be forced to give away 90% of his birthday cake #HappyBirthdayBernie,” Twitter user @FuctupMike suggested in a now-deleted tweet.

But wait. Isn’t that exactly how birthday cakes work?

While few may scarf down an entire birthday cake themselves–British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who reportedly eats birthday cake for breakfast, comes to mind–it is definitely not the norm. For those who don’t know how birthday cakes work (*cough, *cough @FuctupMike), one usually shares their birthday cake with those helping celebrate their birthday.

“When you try to dunk on someone but you end up announcing how friendless your childhood was instead,” Twitter user @TheLoveBel0w wrote in response to the terrible metaphor.

@FuctupMike later joked that he was going to buy a cake. “Be cautious buying a birthday cake. You usually have to share about 90% of a birthday cake, because that’s his birthday cakes work,” Kyle Wagoner reminded him.

People actually started to feel sorry for @FuctupMike, saying it doesn’t seem like he has ever been to a birthday party before nor has anyone ever come to his own birthday party.

“Whoa… has @FuctupMike ever been invited to a birthday party,” Twitter user @wallycard questioned. “Not only that, but it sounds like no one ever came to his. It gets sadder the longer I think about it,” Twitter user @PicklesNapShack added.

@FuctupMike later claimed he deleted his tweet to “piss you people off.” He also seems to be responding to everyone who makes fun of him.

“I can’t believe @FuctupMike has never been to a birthday party before. Ever. In his whole life. Incredible,” one user wrote, to which @FuctupMike responded with a “your mom” joke.

He also called someone out for not being famous, like he is. “So you’d rather be famous for being stupid than not famous at all?” Jeff DeBoer asked in response.

Out of all the things conservatives do and say to own the libs, I think we can safely say @FuctupMike’s metaphor really takes the cake.


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