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8 Thanksgiving tools to make turkey day a whopping success

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Posted on Oct 31, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 12:45 pm CDT

Cooking a perfect meal on turkey day is no easy task. Here are 8 Thanksgiving tools that will make your dinner so perfect Martha Stewart would blush.

1) Turkey Brine Kit

If you don’t care for turkey, there’s a good chance that you’ve never had a good one. When brined, your bird comes out succulent, golden brown and incredibly juicy. Just dissolve this contents of this kit in a bucket with ice, soak your turkey and bake as usual. Even if you overcook it, it will look like it came out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Available in cajun, herb and apple and sage flavors.

Price on Amazon: $14.48


2) Roasting and carving set

The most essential Thanksgiving tools for making a great turkey (aside from the brining kit) always include a solid roasting pan. This one is heavy-duty steel and comes with a U-rack that holds your bird upright, two turkey lifters, a baster and a meat thermometer. Plus, you get a fancy electric knife to dispatch your perfectly roasted bird in minutes. It’s great for turkey, but equally suitable for Easter hams and holiday roasts.

Price on Amazon: $88.95


3) Space-age gravy separator

Don’t reach for nasty jarred gravy. Place your turkey drippings into this gravy separator and make a yummy, restaurant-quality gravy that’s so good you’ll cry when it’s gone. A simple squeeze of a handle drains flavorful liquids from the fat, so you can expertly combine the two using any simple recipe.

Price on Amazon: $12.99


4) Non-stick marble frying pan

Move over Teflon and copper, there’s a new non-stick coating in town. This marble-coated pan is great for every manner of quick task throughout Turkey Day, whether you’re making a bowl of glazed yams or sautéing celery and onions for stuffing. Nothing sticks to the surface, and it wipes clean with a simple rinse. It’s a Thanksgiving workhorse to be sure, but you’ll be using it every other day of the year too. Plus, it’s just plain sexy.

Price on Amazon: $39.99


5) Porcelain white gravy boat

If you’re going to spend time making a super tasty gravy, don’t just serve it out of a cereal bowl. Frame your masterpiece in a fancy new gravy boat and wow your guests. The white porcelain will make your rich brown sauce really pop. Heck, it will even elevate sub-par canned gravy. I mean, look how Downton Abbey it looks!

Price on Amazon: $26.79


6) Potato ricer

The secret to velvety mashed potatoes isn’t a secret at all. Use your favorite recipe, but press your potatoes to smithereens with this ricer. Then all you have to do is mix with a whisk or spatula to get a super silky puree. It’s easy to use and comes apart to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. This is a serious potato game changer and a must-have for your Thanksgiving tools.

Price on Amazon: $16.95


7) Heatproof gloves

thanksgiving tools

On Thanksgiving, your hands are going to be putting stuff in and out of ovens for hours. Avert any disaster by sliding these heat-proof gloves on. The outer layer is made of high-end Kevlar, while the inside is lined with warm and cozy cotton. It’s heat resistant up to 932 degrees to resist hot turkey fat, pan handles and casserole dishes.

Price on Amazon: $29.95


8) Waffle Maker (for leftovers)

This may not seem like the kind of tool made for Thanksgiving, but it is. This waffle iron is going to be your new best friend. Shove all your leftovers from turkey, stuffing, potatoes and even cranberry sauce and press down hard. In minutes, you’ll have a leftover waffle that kicks the giblets out of any sandwich. Drown it in gravy and thank me later.

Price on Amazon: $19.99



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*First Published: Oct 31, 2017, 10:26 am CDT