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Garrett Odinschild

Neo-Nazi arrested for threatening to ‘slaughter’ Jews over YouTube video

'We will do it again.'

Jul 25, 2019, 11:20 am*



Samira Sadeque

An Iowa neo-Nazi social media whose social media is littered with hateful commentary has been arrested for allegedly threatening to “slaughter” Jews in a message to a Jewish organization in New York, according to the Daily Beast.

Garrett Kelsey reportedly made threats over the phone and email to the organization, demanding the removal of a YouTube video about a Scandinavian neo-Nazi group.

The 31-year-old reportedly wrote anti-Semitic, anti-Muslim, and other racist posts on his social media, the Beast reported, including on social media platforms such as Gab and Minds. He also used his presence on social media to encourage others to join neo-Nazi groups. His Likes on Facebook include anti-Islam and alt-right pages.

garrett kelsey facebook likes

A second Facebook profile for Garrett Kelsey of Iowa displays posts dating as far back as 2011, including a “Coexist” image posted in 2013.

At the time that he was reported to authorities, the cover photo on Kelsey’s newer Facebook account reportedly showed Jews being transferred to a concentration camp, and his profile photo celebrated Hitler. His last name is displayed on the account as “Odinschild”—seemingly a version of “Odin’s child,” in reference to a god in Norse mythology that has been co-opted by white supremacists

Kelsey was angry about a video posted by the New York-based organization about a neo-Nazi group known for its violence. He emailed the Jewish organization in May demanding it “remove this video and offer an apology.”

He spoke with a member from the organization over the phone, then later called back and left a threatening message about the employee. 

“My people have fucking slaughtered your fucking people and we will do it again,” Kelsey allegedly said in the message. “And right now, you are giving us an incentive to do that.”

He also reportedly commented on an anti-fascist Facebook page in May. 

“I think you better second guess opening your little queer club here in Iowa,” he said, according to a criminal complaint quoted by the Beast. “If I ever see any of you cock sucking commie fascist snowflakes, I’m gonna bash your skulls in without warning! White is might!! 1488!! Hail Odin! Hail Asatru!!”

Asatru is a pagan religion which in recent times has been co-opted by neo-Nazis, much to the horror of those who actually practice the religion. 

Kelsey’s email to the Jewish organization also made references to Asatru and demanded an apology to the Asatru community.


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H/T the Daily Beast.

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2019, 11:00 am