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Overwatch fans are thirsty for these giantess Mercy memes

One Blizzard source says the studio is 'definitely aware' of horny fans.


Ana Valens


Posted on Jul 16, 2020   Updated on Jul 16, 2020, 2:17 pm CDT

Overwatch fans may be some of the horniest gamers in existence. After Blizzard Entertainment added size customization options to the first-person shooter, Twitter gazed upon its new Overwatch goddess, giantess Mercy, with awe, thirst, and memes.

The horniness began after Blizzard unveiled a Public Test Region (PTR) build, or pre-launch feature-testing build, of Overwatch on July 15. The PTR update included a series of size options for growing and shrinking players. This, Blizzard wrote in its patch notes, let players become “very small” and “very large sizes,” to the point where characters can become so big that “moving them into spaces where they don’t easily fit can impact server load and potentially cause your instance to shut down.”

You can even scale characters during gameplay without any prior coding knowledge.

That’s when things started getting horny. Competitive Mercy player and Overwatch YouTuber Niandra spotted the option and declared players could now celebrate their “fantasy of being crushed under the toes of a 20ft Mercy.” They’re not wrong: Mercy’s toes are very visible and very big. The tweet blew up and reached the horny coward’s ratio with more than 500 retweets and 2,400 likes.

Overwatch fans’ imaginations quickly took over. To quote one fan, “THIS IS GOING TO BE FUCKING EPIC.”

Others were left speechless.

A few wanted to see their favorite characters get big, too.

Macrophilia, or size fetishism, is one of the most popular fantasy fetishes online. Giantess porn, in particular, can be found across art sites and adult clip stores alike, along with some of its sister kinks, such as vore and foot fetishism. The Daily Dot has reported extensively on the kink, including its appeal with queer women.

It’s unclear if Blizzard added size options to Overwatch to appeal to the coveted macro kinkster demographic, although the developers were probably somewhat aware of the horny ramifications of turning its characters into giants and giantesses.

One anonymous Blizzard source told the Daily Dot that the Overwatch team is “definitely aware” of the ways fans use Overwatch characters for “hornier purposes.” These result in “dismay and/or amusement,” depending on the circumstance, they said. This makes sense, given Overwatch’s second-newest character Sigma seems to be a bit of a foot fetishist.

Still, that source doubts the feature was added specifically with macro kinksters in mind. But it certainly won’t stop horny giantess fans from having their way with the new feature. As this reporter commented on the new feature: “There is a god.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Overwatch’s community development lead for comment.


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*First Published: Jul 16, 2020, 1:58 pm CDT