Giantess Porn Mercy Overwatch

Overwatch fans are thirsty for these giantess Mercy memes

One Blizzard source says the studio is ‘definitely aware’ of horny fans.

On by Ana Valens

Free Hong Kong

Nintendo Switch subreddit implodes amid Hong Kong protests

‘It’s beyond politics, it’s a human rights issue. Don’t you get that?’

On by Nahila Bonfiglio


How Overwatch’s Mei became a Hong Kong protest symbol

It originated on the r/HongKong subreddit.

On by Alex Puente

nintendo direct september 2019

‘Pokémon,’ ‘Animal Crossing,’ ‘Smash,’ and more—here’s what you missed from September’s Nintendo Direct

Buckle up, gamers. This one was a doozy.

On by Anna María


Overwatch-branded Nintendo Switch gear starts Tracer-to-Smash Bros. rumors

What is Nintendo brewing?

On by Ignacio Martinez

sigma abilities guide overwatch featured

Everything you need to know about Sigma, Overwatch’s 31st hero

The gravity-bending villain is going to shake things up… literally.

On by Joseph Knoop

overwatch sigma's feet memes featured

The new Overwatch hero is a naked foot enthusiast, apparently 


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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Games Journalism

Should gaming journalists be good at video games?

There’s more to reporting the news than being a gamer.

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overwatch voice actor brigitte harassment

Overwatch voice actor shares tearful video describing her experience with harassment

‘I wish I could say that I don’t care about what people think, but I do.’

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overwatch patch notes february

Overwatch’s latest patch updates more than half the heroes

The Overwatch meta is about to change something fierce.

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overwatch new hero baptiste

Baptiste, the ex-Talon medic, is Overwatch’s 30th hero

A healing grenade launcher, rocket boots, and reality-bending walls are sure to shake up the meta.

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overwatch 2019 skins

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year 2019 patch drops Chinese skins based on historic icons

Past and future combine for an awesome Overwatch treat.

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overwatch league stream 2019

How to watch the 2019 Overwatch League season

The new season of Overwatch League is here.

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Overwatch Soldier 76 Gay

Overwatch’s queer fans praise Soldier: 76’s coming out—but they want more than just ‘scraps’

Some want more blatant LGBTQ representation.

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Homepage article image

Blizzard confirms ‘Overwatch’ hero Soldier: 76 identifies as gay

He’s the second in-game gay character to be identified.

On by Brittany Vincent

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