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Facebook faces pressure from Congress to reduce anti-vaccination exposure
The company responded after getting a letter from a member of Congress.
Dudes swallow AirPods in YouTube challenge video no one asked for
And you thought Tide Pods were bad.
New Yorkers rejoice over Amazon pulling out of HQ2 deal
Politicians were also happy.
Polarizing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cartoon blows up Twitter
Ben Garrison puts AOC back behind the bar.
Turns out Discord is saving users’ deleted images
Unknown images may be saved to your cache.
Skin-crawling deepfake turns Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill into Mr. Bean
The viral video's creator tells us it's just for fun.
Ex-Air Force officer allegedly aided Iran in catfishing U.S. spies
Iranian hackers posing as a woman attempted to entice a U.S. intelligence officer.
Hacking duo charged for making hundreds of hoax school shooting, bomb threats
Apophis Squad members could serve decades in prison if convicted.
Samsung’s new Galaxy S10+ phone leaks in very detailed video
Leaks continue as Samsung prepares for official S10 series unveiling next week.
Report: Instagram to finally let users send DMs from their desktops
Users have long clamored for this feature.
Companies skirt Apple rules to spread porn and gambling apps
Dozens of apps reportedly violate guidelines.
Developers’ sh*tposting group splinters as members begin reporting each other to employers
The group's activities were exposed following the cancellation of DerbyCon.