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Jackée Harry tweeted about getting slapped by Eartha Kitt, and people are dying to know more
Wait... you're telling me Catwoman slapped Sandra from 227??
Instagram will demote ‘inappropriate’ content
Violent, spammy or sexually suggestive content may no longer appear on Instagram's Explore tab.
Virtual reality and the future of work
VR isn’t simply a collaboration tool, but rather a tool for creating shared experiences, perceptions, and even mindsets among co-workers.
Congress to block IRS from creating a free online tax filing system
The bipartisan bill comes after years of lobbying from the tax preparation industry.
What is DLive, PewDiePie’s new live streaming home?
It's a streaming platform—with a new hook.
The calculator meme is here to add up your hot takes
Whatever happened to just typing in 80085?
Fans divided over alien comic creator’s response to anti-abortion views
Some fans say it's that age-old 'artist vs. art' argument.
Trump’s Batman campaign video taken down after copyright claim
The video used the score from 'The Dark Knight Rises.'
New privacy app Jumbo will lock down your Facebook and Twitter
This privacy assistant for iPhone aims to give you control over your digital life.
‘Strange Planet’ creator responds to Twitter uproar over his abortion beliefs
Nathan Pyle also says he supports the Democratic Party.
Game designer fixes game so you can pet the dog
An awesome game only gets better when you can pet the dog.
Streaming music has devastating effects on environment, study says
Pollution from streaming could be worse than the industry's plastic use at the height of CDs.