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Woman records police holding Black man at gunpoint in order to ‘save his life’
Here's what the woman who recorded, and possibly saved the man's life, had to say.
Popular soccer app fined for spying on users through their phones
The La Liga Soccer League was fined $283,000.
Snapchat gender swap filter helps student catch cop looking for teen hookup
San Mateo officer continued to have 'explicit' conversation even after learning the user was 16 years old.
Photo of ‘tech titans’ Photoshopped to add women
It's too late to claim they were holograms.
Ashley St. Clair says an Uber driver attacked her pro-Trump views. It’s #MAGAphobia nonsense
The conservative pundit's tweetstorm lacks self-awareness.
What you really need to know about Amazon Credit Builder
Critics say the card could exploit low-income consumers.
Halsey pays tribute to assaulted lesbian couple, rips ‘straight pride’ parade during London concert
She wore a shirt that had the now-viral of the photo of the bloodied women on it.
Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg brags about owning all of your data in this deepfake
Facebook said that it wouldn't remove videos like this in the past.
No, these viral ‘natural birth control’ alternatives don’t work
Eating papayas won't keep you from getting pregnant.
Baby meme king Gavin speaks Chinese now
'When did Gavin learn Chinese? How is he so fluent? Omg.'
A WordPress bug is making this succulent appear on a bunch of sites
A major issue involving the Wordpress VIP Go platform also sees sites crash.
This meme page about a mall is weirdly comforting
A co-creator talks to us about the very niche account.
The ultimate guide to cloud DVR
Not all cloud DVR is created equal.
No, Lil Xan is not selling concert tickets for $2
The 22-year-old was recently filmed pulling out a gun on someone.