Trump's 'foamy saliva' trolled by left-wing critics


‘Absolutely disgusting’: Trump’s ‘foamy saliva’ clip nauseates viewers



Katherine Huggins


Left-wing critics of former President Donald Trump are foaming at the mouth to respond to a video clip of Trump appearing to foam at the mouth.

In a video encouraging Republicans to embrace early voting, Trump called on his supporters to “swamp the radical Democrats with massive turnout.”

“The way you win is to swamp them. If we swamp them, they can’t cheat,” he continued. “It just doesn’t work out. But if you can’t make it, you need to make a plan, register and vote any way possible.”

The messaging marks a shift from 2020 and the aftermath of his loss, where Trump frequently disparaged mail-in voting.

But that shift isn’t what’s captivating some of his critics.

Patriot Takes, a prominent anti-Trump account on X, shared a slow-motion clip from the video and noted he “struggled with foamy saliva during his video.”

“Trump just plowed through it,” the caption continued. “His campaign chose not to reshoot the video. Foamy saliva can be a sign of health issues.”

That clip has racked up more than two million views since Wednesday, with many critics theorizing a range of health problems, almost all of them dog-related.

“This is disgusting—Trump has parvo,” wrote one user, referencing a canine disease

“rabies,” concluded another person.

“I’m no doctor, but it looks like rabies to me,” seconded someone else.

“Where’s Kristi Noem when we need her?” quipped someone else, in a reference to the South Dakota governor boasting about killing her 14-month-old dog.

“He obviously has Distemper,” wrote someone else.

“Let’s agree to call him Old Yeller from now on,” joked another critic.

Others, though, cited the long-speculated but never proven claim that Trump uses Adderall.

“That’s just cottonmouth from amphetamines,” one wrote.

But one thought, more than others, reigned supreme.

“Absolutely fucking disgusting.”

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