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Far-right provocateur Andy Ngô accidentally, partially doxes reporter he supports

A video Ngo posted to Twitter appears to include the street number for independent reporter Oren Levy.


Jacob Seitz


Posted on Apr 6, 2023   Updated on Aug 9, 2023, 8:56 am CDT

In a video posted to Twitter, far-right provocateur Andy Ngô may have accidentally doxed part of a fellow media member’s address when he shared a scene at the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse in advance of former President Donald Trump’s indictment.

Ngô said Oren Levy, a prominent independent journalist on Twitter, confronted fellow independent reporter Talia Jane. Levy, @viralnewsnyc on Twitter, claimed that Jane, @taliaotg, was harassing a young man by interviewing him.

“#Antifa extremist Talia Ben Ora, who identifies as a journalist & posts at @TaliaOTG, was confronted outside the Manhattan courthouse yesterday by @viralnewsNYC. Talia pretended to be a Trump supporter on Jan. 6 at the capitol. (She wore a MAGA disguise). Talia then threateningly tells the videographer she knows his address,” Ngô wrote.

Levy then confronted Jane and asked if she was at the Jan. 6 Capitol riot dressed as a Trump supporter, a claim that has been thrown at Jane before. After a short exchange, Jane appears to ask Levy for his address, the street number of which he offers up.

Jane posted a screenshot of Ngô’s tweet to her own account and asked Ngô if it was “really smart” to post a video of Levy talking about his address.

“It’s just really smart to post a video of your friend accosting someone, who says on his own video a string of numbers & “come by,” while telling all your followers it’s his address,” she said in a tweet. “Did Andy Ngo just dox a far right propagandist in a pathetic effort to stoke hate against me?”

Jane said the exchange between her and Levy began when she interviewed a man with Nazi patches on his hoodie. Levy pulled the man away and asked Jane why she was harassing a 16-year-old.

“I turned slightly and saw a kid wearing a bunch of Neo-Nazi patches, so I thought I’d do an interview about why he was there,” she said in a statement to the Daily Dot. “During that, Oren started accusing me of harassing the kid, telling the kid not to talk to me, then started accosting me based on conspiracies he’s been pushing for months.”

Jane said the address she quoted was the public address of a company of Levy’s and that she brought it up because she “figured it would disincentivize him from posting the video.”

“He likes taking footage of me after accosting me to claim I was harassing him, in an effort to stoke harassment against me,” she said.

Jane also said Levy has been circulating her personal address with people since at least 2021.

Levy was also the reporter who went viral after being shoved by a boom operator at the courthouse.

Ngô did not appear to be at the courthouse but was reposting videos of far-right media and journalists who attended. 

Ngô did not respond to a request for comment.

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*First Published: Apr 6, 2023, 8:10 am CDT