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It’s like the song goes: The past is a grotesque animal. So after 11 years of diligent internet culture reporting, the Daily Dot needed a hall of fame to properly catalog the icons who changed our online lives for the better.

The internet has turned its longtime residents into bleary-eyed nomads who stay connected via esoteric memes, shared experiences, and a fondness for its heroes. These heroes are vanguards who made us laugh, cry, and escaped getting canceled. Erotic literary masters like Chuck Tingle who make the world a better place with subversive novellas about gay dinosaurs. Anti-heroes like Pepe the Frog. These characters deserve fake internet trophies.

In October, our readers voted on 5 categories—each made up of 5 nominees offered up by the editorial staff—and the 5 winners became the inaugural Daily Dot Hall of Fame inductee class.

Nominees must have appeared online at least a year ago. It’s about standout alter egos puppeteered by anonymous geniuses, stock photographs that took on a life of their own—pop singer Lorde is eligible only because she once ran a secret Instagram about her favorite onion rings, for example.

These characters exist in our hearts, and even as tattoos. We’re thrilled to finally reward them with fake internet trophies.

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Hall of Fame week 1

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