Sabine Joseph

Sabine Joseph is a former reporting intern for the Daily Dot. Her work has appeared in Miami and Connecticut publications, including Montage, the Miami Laker, and Connecticut Health I-Team.

Roblox figures at a casket with a funeral wreath and a banner reading 'In loving memory'

Is your kid attending funerals on Roblox?

Young people are practicing for real life with role-plays on Roblox.

On Dec 23, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

People are making memes after rumors spread that Rihanna is pregnant.

‘She better be pregnant with that album’: People are making memes about rumors that Rihanna is pregnant

'Does Rihanna know she’s pregnant?'

On Dec 1, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

A comic convention.

‘Ain’t no f*cking way’: Viral TikTok of ‘Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer’ booth at Comic-Con sparks debate (updated)

'Just as silly as "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"'

On Nov 22, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

A man yelling at fast food workers.

‘Don’t you put your finger in my face’: Culver’s employee kicks out male Karens in viral TikTok

'It's all your fault for laughing at me you stupid b*tch.'

On Nov 17, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

A woman leading a classroom.

‘Please stop calling Josh’s hair dreads’: Teacher says ‘dreadlocks’ are racist in viral TikTok, sparking debate

The 'locs' vs. 'dreads' debate blows up.

On Nov 4, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

broken pencil on a keyboard

‘This is violence’: Viral school assignment asks students to justify destroying Native Hawaiian burial ground

'I am actually shaking right now reading this prompt.'

On Oct 27, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

dog in park (l) man pointing (c) man with camera (r) all with caption 'So I Take Ziggy to the dog park closest to my house today and this happens!!!'

‘I really feel unsafe’: Viral TikTok shows off-duty security guard attempting to detain man in private dog park

'How is it criminal? I live right here.'

On Oct 25, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

Uncomfortable woman looking at camera

‘We need more ppl like this in the world’: Starbucks barista offers help woman being relentlessly hit on in viral TikTok

'We’ve seen some sh*t.'

On Oct 20, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

A man wearing a hoodie in a grocery store.

‘Listen up, nobody is safe’: TikToker goes viral for turning the tables on man allegedly following her at grocery store

Many supported her 'UNO reverse.'

On Oct 18, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

Police officer taking a woman's ID and writing in a notebook.

‘You ignored her and now he’s dead’: TikToker says cop didn’t let her help a motorcycle crash victim

The TikToker says the officer had 'no sense of urgency.'

On Oct 13, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

Woman says employee was distressed because she had to work in baby section after having miscarriage.

‘I still have nightmares’: Employee forced to work in baby clothes section after having miscarriage sparks viral discussion

One woman said another lawyer called her a 'human coffin.'

On Oct 11, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

woman discusses american airlines keeping her off flight

‘My bag f*cking fits’: TikToker calls out airline employees for making her miss her grandfather’s funeral

It began with an argument over a checked bag.

On Oct 8, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

Irritated young woman (l) leg in a brace (r) both with caption 'how are u gonna dress code someone who can't even wear pants? now i'm missing almost my entire class for this BS'

‘How are u gonna dress code someone who can’t even wear pants’: Student with leg brace goes viral on TikTok for calling out dress code

'Missing almost my entire class for this BS.'

On Oct 6, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

Woman holding two different price tags for face cleanser

‘What the heck?’: Target employee says prices are skyrocketing in viral TikTok

The price of face cleanser went up by over $4.

On Oct 4, 2021 by Sabine Joseph

Books in a library.

‘Homophobic and racist’: Sign about bans of LGBTQ and ‘anti-cop’ books sparks anger on TikTok

The controversial novels were highlighted during Banned Books Week.

On Sep 29, 2021 by Sabine Joseph