Morgan Leigh Davies

Morgan Leigh Davies is a writer in Brooklyn. Her work has appeared in publications including The Los Angeles Review of Books and The Village Voice, and she is the co-host of Overinvested, a weekly podcast about pop culture.


Netflix’s ‘The Lovebirds’ is a charming action rom-com

Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani’s delightful performances make it a worthwhile watch.

On May 22, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies

never rarely sometimes always

‘Never Rarely Sometimes Always’ is a powerful film about being a young woman in America

The Sundance hit is now available to watch online.

On Apr 3, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies

freud netflix

Netflix’s supernatural ‘Freud’ show is as ridiculous as it sounds

It's pulpy fun but doesn’t engage enough with the father psychoanalysis' ideas.

On Mar 25, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies

spenser confidential

The Mark Wahlberg-led Netflix film ‘Spenser Confidential’ is an abysmal failure

The new action-comedy is, above all else, an exercise in machismo.

On Mar 8, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies

babylon berlin season 3

German period drama ‘Babylon Berlin’ continues to shine in season 3

Its depiction of young Nazi party members and the Black Reichswehr are chilling.

On Mar 4, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies

Pete Davidson Alive From New York

Review: Pete Davidson crashes and burns in Netflix stand-up special ‘Alive From New York’

Yes, he talks about Ariana Grande.

On Feb 26, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies

mythic quest ravens banquet review

Apple TV+’s ‘Mythic Quest’ is an inconsistent mess

Occasionally, glimpses of the sharp political commentary on display in 'It’s Always Sunny' poke out from the morass of 'Mythic Quest.'

On Jan 31, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies

ares netflix

The legacies of colonialism loom in Netflix’s new horror show ‘Ares’

The Dutch series follows a secret society of university students.

On Jan 23, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies

rob delaney jackie

Rob Delaney’s newest special is Straight White Male comedy at its peak

Rob Delaney’s reliance on tired gender stereotypes in his new special quickly grows old.

On Jan 10, 2020 by Morgan Leigh Davies


Review: Amazon’s ‘The Aeronauts’ fails to reach great heights

The film based on a historical balloon journey doesn't have much to say.

On Dec 24, 2019 by Morgan Leigh Davies

for all mankind

‘For All Mankind’ imagines a less thrilling version of the moon landing

The Apple TV+ alt-history series also fails at capturing the aesthetic of the era.

On Nov 5, 2019 by Morgan Leigh Davies