The chillest tweets from a bot that only tweets colors, ranked

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Wow, Twitter dot com is actually good now.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Twitter is objectively horrible. By and large, it's a garbage place where dudes with busty anime avatars go to anonymously send rape and death threats against people who, at some point, wrote or did something with which they disagree.

According to a fascinating deep dive into how Twitter became “a honeypot for assholes” by BuzzFeed's Charlie Warzel, the site's leadership has been more concerned with basically everything other than making the platform less of a swirling vortex of toxic bullshit. But hey, every man is responsible for their own soul, as they say in the business, and maybe Twitter can one day monetize enough harassment to finally become profitable.

In the meantime, it's incumbent on Twitter users to curate a space for themselves on the platform that is a little less **picture of a dumpster on fire** and a little more chill. Since human beings have had approximately zero chill since Eve ate that apple in that garden that one time, everyone's best bet for having a nice time on Twitter is likely removing all the flesh-and-blood users from their feed and replacing them with bots.

Twitter is full of super chill bots, but none of them can approach and mind-emptying zen of @manygradients, which posts an algorithmically generated image of a circular color gradient every half hour.

If you're on Twitter and you're not following @manygradients, you need to do that, because its tweets, gracefully dripping into Twitter's toxic ocean, are like tiny islands of clam amid endlessly swirling waves of abuse.

What follows is a collection of tweets from @manygradients, ranked in descending order from most chill to least chill.

Wow, what a thrill ride! It went from extremely chill all the way to still really, really chill. Let's be honest here, even the least chill @manygradients tweet is way more chill than anything else on he entire internet.

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