Running Man Challenge is the new dance craze you don't understand

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Run for your life.

Every day there’s a new viral trend coursing through the social media landscape. Currently, it’s a dance trend: the #runningmanchallenge.

No, not this running man dance.

This running man dance.
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Some University of Maryland basketball players (two of whom star in the Instagram post above) have resurrected the late '80s move, offering a new take set to “My Boo” by Ghost Town DJ's. At first it wasn’t too bad—considering that some “running” was evident—but as with most viral crazes, it’s gotten entirely out of hand. Granted, this one is pretty tight:These, however, not so much:

my moms kindergarteners doing the #runningmanchallenge

A post shared by Tyler Hope Blackwell 👑💖✨ (@tylerhope30) on

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And that’s not even scraping the surface of the #runningmanchallenge. If you feel inclined to participate, please don’t. Just wait for the next inexplicable dance phenomenon—or better yet, invent your own.   
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